Zari Hassan Fashion Sense, Fashion Taste and Sexy Outfits

Zari Hassan hot and sexy pics
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Zari Hassan: You must have heard of the name Zari Hassan. She is one of the most celebrated Ugandan-born socialites as well as an entrepreneur. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Zari is also a major fashion icon. She is well known for her impeccable fashion sense and a very unique style. For over a decade now, Zari has been at the center of the public eye and the media at large has recognized her as one of the most fashionable women in the East African community.

Zari Hassan sexy outfits

Zari’s Fashion Sense:

Her fashion sense is probably one of the best in the entire East African Community. The fashion could be described as bold, stylish, and very daring. She is not afraid to scale new heights, experiment with different styles as well as take risks. Whether it is a red carpet-event or a formal one, she will always manage to turn heads with her sexy outfits. Many know her for her love of vibrant colors that have bold prints.  Her wardrobe is one of the most diverse and versatile probably in the entire East African community.

Zari Hassan hot oufits

What Stands Out in Zari Hassan’s Fashion:

One thing that is clear is that Zari is very keen on details. She will always make sure that her outfits are well-coordinated and accessorized. She will make sure that her shoes, bags, and jewelry are on point and complement her fully. Her makeup and hair are on point at all times. What a lady!

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Zari: Fashion Taste:

I would personally describe her fashion taste as being eclectic. She has drawn her inspiration from different cultures and styles and has managed to incorporate them into her personal style. Through her very many travels, she has discovered different fashion trends and styles, a thing that has enabled her to build her own unique fashion taste.

Zari Hassan fashion taste

The Zari collection: Zari Hassan Fashion Line:

As I said earlier, she is an established entrepreneur with her own fashion brands as well as a renowned businesswoman.  The brand has enabled her to be always on the lookout for new fashion trends that help her to incorporate them into her designs.

Zari Hassan hot and sexy pics

Zari Hassan Boyfriend/Lover/Fiancie:

Zari  Hassan once dated a popular Bongo musician by the name of Diamond Platnumz. Together they sired a number of kids. Currently, Zari’s love life is complicated and she is probably single.


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