Your Wardrobe is Incomplete Without These 10 Types of Skirts

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If you like creating your own outfits, then you need to know about the different categories of skirts that exist so that you will be able to choose the right skirt sewing pattern that you need. All you need to do is to pay attention while picking one. Choose a skirt that accentuates the best aspects of your contour. In this article, we’ll look at the various types of skirts, styles, their names, and shapes too.

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Table of contents

  • Sarang skirt
  • Paneled skirt
  • Yoke waist skirt
  • Bustle skirt
  • Bell-shaped skirt
  • Tutu skirt
  • Gored skirt
  • Handkerchief skirt
  • Accordion skirt

1. Sarang skirt

Sarang skirt type
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A sarong skirt is essentially a beach wear or holiday expendable item in which you may rock outside your itsy-bisty bikini. It is made of a thin scarf-like material. You can experiment with this skirt by trying to tie it in different ways.

2. Paneled-skirt

Paneled types of skirts
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This skirt has two sections of fabric that are intended to give fullness to the skirt. Also, they are usually ankle length, although you can find other variations in length. A panel skirt can be a perfect outfit for formal, semi-formal, or even casual occasions. And you can style them with your t-shirts, knitted sweater, noodle strap tops, blouse tops, flat shoes, platform heels, and others.

3. Yoke waist types of skirts

Yoke waist types of skirts
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In yoke skirts, the waistband is replaced by a broad and visible yoke. Also, you can call this kind of skirt a hip hugger because it fits around the hips perfectly! Wear it when going to semiformal or on casual occasions. And you may pair it with your t-shirt, cardigan, shirt, pointed toe heels, sneakers, and fedora hat to complete the look.

4. Bustle types of skirts

Bustle types of skirts
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This skirt is usually bunched up in the back, although in the same variations they may bunch all over. Wear it when going out on occasions like casual or to a party. And you can pair it with your tank top, a fitted blouse top, corset tops, pumps, platform heels, or even a bustier top.

5. Poodle skirt

Poodle types of skirts
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This skirt has been around for a long time, and they are popular in all seasons. These skirt poodles around you when you sit, and they add an extra volume to your frame. You can wear it with your short sleeves tops, a t-shirt, plain collared t-shirt, pumps, or even sunglasses can be combined into the style.

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6. Bell-shaped types of skirts

Bell-shaped types of skirts 
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This kind of skirt flares from the waist but falls in a straight line towards the knees, thus resembling a bell shape. And it is usually made of a heavy fabric that holds the flare well. Wear them with your polo neck shirt, asymmetrical tops, fitted blouse, stiletto, and pumps for a chic look. And you can style them when going out on occasions like formal, casual, evening wear, even cocktail wear.

7. Tutu skirt

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Tutu skirts are usually short, but you may find others have length to knees. You can wear it with your leather jacket, graphic t-shirt, bustier top, pullover and, for sure, it can give you a stylish look. And you can style it for occasions like weddings, vacations, even for evening wear.

8. Gored skirt

Gored types of skirts
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A gored skirt is usually made from heavy fabric, with many triangular panels sewn together. And they have a soft fit around the hips while there is a loose, flowing bell-shaped at the hem. You may wear it when going out for occasions like casual, formal, or even semi-formal. Also, you can pair it with your favorite pumps, flat shoes, wedges, knitted sweater, shirts, noodle straps tops, and others.

9. Handkerchief skirt


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This skirt has an opening cut in the middle of a square of fabric for a waistband, and its fabric also has four corners that hang down as draped points. You can wear it perfectly with your denim jackets, sweaters, bandage tops, crochet tops, and vest tops. And the style can make the best look for streetwear and casual wear.

10.  Accordion skirt


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This skirt is made of soft and flowing fabric. It has tight pleats which become thin towards the hemline. And the pleats look like raised and recessed ridges. Wear it with your shirts, crochet sweater, wedges, sneakers, boots, or even hats.

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