Your Jewelry Makes A Statement!

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Statement jewelry speaks volumes about itself. It creates a unique style by allowing to express individual personalities through jewelry. Statement Jewelry can elevate your look by adding the right amount of sparkle and drama to a simple outfit. A bold and unique piece of jewels can put an overall outfit together. It becomes that eye-grabber that catches the attention more than the outfit.

There is a wide range of statement jewelry present nowadays. You have to decide on wearing a specific piece based on your personal choice or the choice of your outfit.

Once you have got your outfit in mind, you can decide on what to wear depending upon your neckline or sleeves length that may go best with that outfit. A hairdo is often decided based on the selection of earrings. Better to keep in mind that wherever you will wear your jewelry, that piece will be the center of attention.


Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are big, bold, and colorful pieces available in different shapes and sizes. While opting for necklaces, consider a few options while deciding what to wear, such as neckline and necklace length. Chokers look amazingly stylish on low necklines, while different longer chains and pendants look trendy on turtle necks and shirts. Layer two or more chains with pendants together that sits slightly lower than the other.


Statement Earrings

There are several versatile options available in earrings. The most common trend in earrings nowadays is mismatched earrings or different earrings for both ears. It immediately catches attention. An oversize earring looks super stylish as well. If you would like to draw all the attention to your earrings, keep a simple hairdo. Also avoid wearing any necklace with statement earrings, as you will not want to overdo it. Go for some rings or bracelets with earrings.

Statement Rings

While choosing for a statement ring an oversize ring with a unique shape or a featured stone immediately catches the eye. One thing to keep in mind while opting for an oversized ring is to stick to one ring per hand. Wearing multiple rings in one hand may divert all the attention from the ring that has to be highlighted.

Another option to create a statement with rings can be multiple rings with delicate and intricate designs in one hand. It looks extremely elegant and beautiful. It’s up to you to highlight only one ring or add an array of beautiful contrasting rings to add glamour to your overall appearance. Also, don’t forget to get a manicure or apply some contrasting nail color to your nails which may complement the rings effortlessly.

Summer Dresses

Statement Bracelets

Arm jewelry comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and designs. It may be bangles, cuffs, chains, tennis, pearl, and so on. Mix and match two or more pieces together, for instance, wear bangles with charms or pearls bracelets, or simply wear a cuff bracelet as a one-piece to create a statement. Keep it bold and interesting to add the necessary drama to the outfit.

Statement jewelry is a beautiful way to express your personality and sense of style. It adds versatility and instantly uplifts the simplest outfit as accessories take the center stage. Just keep in mind that less is always more. Pair that dramatic jewelry with the simplest clothing to let the jewels stand out, but in the end, it all depends upon your personal preferences about how to dress up and pair your choice of outfit with the jewelry. If you wish you create a statement with the complexity of your style, you should go for it as style is always about carrying yourself confidently.

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By Siddie F.Kay


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