Your Guide to Cornflower Neelam Stone

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The majority of blue sapphire gemstones of extraordinary quality are overpriced. As the bulk of cornflower Neelam stone was discovered there, Kashmir is one of the most well-known places to find blue sapphires. The price of cornflower blue sapphire stones from this area is particularly more compared to other stones.

The historical significance of cornflower blue sapphire

You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about blue sapphires and have been captivated by their beauty. The Neelam stone has been revered throughout history as both a sacred and mysterious gem. Since the beginning of time, sapphires have held some form of importance for people.

●The Persians, for instance, thought that the sky reflected on an original cornflower blue sapphire stone.

●While Hindus regarded it as the greatest gem and used it in temple worship to align astrological powers.

●Buddhists believed it aided in spiritual enlightenment.

The Neelam stone has been used for jewelry, as a defense against evil, and as a representation of love, fortune, and good luck over the years.

The advantages of wearing an authentic cornflower Neelam stone


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Saturn has a significant impact on one’s career and professional life. It affects your capacity for hard work, accountability, and prudence. It affects motivation and ambition, two qualities essential for a person’s successful career. When the stone’s strength is increased, it makes a person more professional, hardworking, and focused, which leads to success in occupations like corporate management, administration, public service, and self-employment. Your career might soar to new heights if you wear blue sapphire jewelry. Wearing this gemstone can significantly benefit the wearer’s career because it can quickly and favorably transform their fortunes and open up new opportunities for progress.


If you’re attempting to overcome difficulties at work, a natural cornflower neelam gemstone might be the best choice for you. Additionally, blue sapphire can aid in reducing anxiety, worry, and despair, which can benefit your experience at work. It improves the wearer’s career chances by releasing them from negativity and restoring their sense of hope. Lawyers and magistrates who work in the legal field may experience considerable benefits from wearing this particular gemstone.


Wearing blue sapphire can be beneficial for those who engage in the creative arts, including acting, directing, dancing, and filmmaking. Additionally, blue sapphire can bring financial success, particularly to locals who work in the automotive, iron and steel, mineral, petroleum, and export-import industries. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to see a qualified astrologer before wearing a blue sapphire so they can advise you on its compatibility and the testing procedure that must be done first.

Here are some methods for telling real cornflower Neelam stone from fakes

●Place your sapphire in a dim area and use your flashlight to illuminate it. It will reflect the same color as the stone if it is an original. However, if it is man-made and made of glass, it will reflect a wide range of colors.

●Examine the sapphire closely from various positions. It is not a genuine sapphire if there are any air bubbles, so be aware of that.


●Inclusions and flaws are frequently present in sapphires that are found in nature. In fact, they may serve as a sign of the genuineness of your sapphire. The next time you see imperfections and inclusions in sapphire, remember that they are common.

Final thoughts

A distinctive and rather uncommon kind of sapphire is cornflower blue sapphire. Choose a gemstone that falls within your budget and likings. If you are purchasing it for astrological reasons, be careful not to skimp on quality. It is strongly advised to purchase a gemstone that has a certified gem lab certificate from a reputable lab, such as GIA, GUBELIN, GRS, etc., as this boosts the information’s reliability.

If you intend to purchase a cornflower blue sapphire online, only trust reliable sources. At Navratan, an online gem bazaar, we don’t skimp on the gemstone’s aesthetic value or quality. Our hard-working crew makes every effort to meet each customer’s precise needs. Additionally, you can have your gemstone made into a pendant, ring, or bracelet which is the most exciting part!

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