Youngers Serious Eating Disorders Zayn Malik also Faced

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The 21st-century young generation is although facing a lot of depression anxiety and different kinds of stereotypes. We also feel a distance from our proper eating habits and proper sleeping habits. Although stereotypes are common in girls, which need to be eliminated. Although boys have the mindset that it is just a female disorder but it is currently affecting every gender of youths especially. Mine and your favorite celebrity as well just 23 years old Zayn Malik, the “King of High Notes” and former member of the ‘One Direction’ music band had suffered from a no-eating disorder while he was working with one direction. Although he is a very handsome model and granted extreme beauty. He confessed that he goes straight for two to three days without eating. This is his food which is just out of his control. This disorder is common in young females, it also affects young males as well. It’s not just Zayn Malik it also could be me or you or anyone around us in any part of the world.

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He confessed that he struggled a lot about that but now he needs to seek help. He found his weight losing day by day and making him weaker. This stereotype should be eliminated from the world. It gives birth to hundreds of other diseases. Although Zayn also wants to get rid of it, anyone who is suffering from this wish to get rid of this. Zayn says that he wants to get back his eating habit on track.

Zayn is also struggling with anxiety and panic attacks obviously; this happens to every young one. Zayn revealed that although it is girl related disease to humans, we should not feel shame about exposing the truth. Although he recovered soon from it. Eating or drinking has nothing to do with your weight gaining or loss except if it is regular healthy eating. There are many other healthier ways to gain or lose weight, but skipping food is not.

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Additionally, along with women men are also facing this silently on a big scale as they feel shame to expose it because of a girlish disorder. It causes a permanent headache, anxiety, and continuous loss of interest in all activities, even in favorite activities as well, and in the end, causes; low blood pressure due to low blood sugar levels, losing weight, paleness, weakening of hands and feet, and also menstrual disturbance and disorder in females. It increases your aging and makes you weak and older than your exact age. This disorder also allowing-down or even deprives your hard-working power and energy and ultimately leaves you unable to achieve your big goals.

Consequently, we need to avoid this if we are making the same mistakes. We should change our eating habits and make them regularly as well as our sleeping habits also. Both eating on time and sleeping on time greatly helps you to get rid of this. There is no such perfect solution to this disorder but only ‘eat on time and sleep on time.’ Irregular eating and sleep make our mind so weak that it becomes unable to get control of these two habits. So, again make your mind habitual of that you will again achieve our working energy more than that you’ve lost.

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The stereotype is dangerous for every age group but for females, it is much more. Every female has to take action against this b herself. Otherwise, it will become a very serious problem for you. as soon as possible you should treat it. It’s a lifetime threatening and irritating for everyone who is facing it or one who is near to face it. It’s nothing but just a self-creating problem for self, which is difficult to face, and easy to attain.

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