Yoga for Healthy Skin-Yoga For Healthy You

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(All about meditation)

Do you wanna look 25 actually at the age of 35? You are not going to use expensive skin care products anymore. Meditation (yoga) is a habit you can make a part of your daily life to look younger and to stay young for a long time in your life. Yoga provides real mental and physical inner peace which indirectly seems visible on your healthy skin and your whole body. You Look Young, You Feel Young. First thing firsts, Don’t be hard on yourself. Listen to your body and make a start with easy moves.

Yoga is healthy for you

Let’s come to the practical by knowing about different yoga poses that can help you a lot to solve lots of your skin issues.

Most effective Yoga Poses

(Note: These meditation moves are commonly done by people all over the world. BUT be careful in doing them as a beginner or consult a yoga expert first if you are not sure about doing them correctly.)

Deep Breathing

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Yoga for Healthy Skin
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Deep breathing is a well-known mind-calming posture. It relaxes your face muscles thoroughly and thus play a vital role in giving you a confident young look.

Release tension in your neck muscles, Feel light and Feel Young

(Do not forget to take a 30 seconds pause after doing each move). Sit in the same position as we’re in the first step and move your neck seven times clockwise and then repeat it to anti-clockwise rotation seven times and calm down. Doing this pose helps to relax out shoulder muscles and ease your brain nerves. If you are a hard worker and often feel extremely tired, this pose should be practiced daily to make your skin look calm and healthy.

Get an active look

Yoga for Healthy Skin 2
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A well-known but very effective move; touch the feet while sitting. It helps to make your body look relaxed and beautiful.

Attractive Figure

Yoga for Healthy Skin 3
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Do this pose for just 2 minutes a day to get a flat stomach which is a dream of every lady. You wanna look slim and smart without using medicines. Right!

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Yoga preferences in China

Get wrinkle-free and healthy skin 

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This move helps to calm your mind deeply(even can make you feel fall asleep in no time). It flexes the

body’s internal organs and keeps them supple. Do this pose for just 30-45 seconds in the beginning and then exceed the time as your body advises.

Get Brighter and Healthy Skin 

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Practice this pose for 30-45 seconds a day. This posture helps rejuvenate your skin by flushing out toxins from your body. It helps release tension and fatigue which results in brighter and glowing skin.

Stronger Brain- Healthy you- freshness and glow on your skin 

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This pose helps in strengthening your nervous system. Which is the base of success indeed. You look incredibly gorgeous when your CPU is working at its best. Agree!

Do this posture for seven seconds at the start and increase the duration later as your body easily allows. This pose is hard to manage at first but once you aim to start doing this, you’ll be feeling comfortable with the move.

Yoga statistics and facts

Reverse your Age

Take two pillows and lay down on your back by putting the front side of each shoulder on the pillow. Your body should be like; your arms are freely turned on their back and your whole body is in an extremely relaxed position. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes to heal yourself deeply. The restoration pose is the best relaxation pose which gives a feel of a paradise on earth. 

This posture extremely helps in making your skin look young. Do daily and keep going back to your teen.

Get Healthier, Vibrant Skin

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This posture works as a bonus to your restoration. Do this at the end of the meditation session for just five minutes. Leave the whole body muscles easy enough and feel the real light inside and outside the body.

People are getting aware of the fact that doing yoga is extremely beneficial for your skin. The main reason is doing yoga causes proper blood circulation in your whole body. It stimulates blood flow in your head, in your face, and each part of the body. As a result, your skin looks rejuvenated, glowy, and fresh.

Here is a survey on how people are availing themselves by just doing a few minutes of meditation:￾reports=1&dossiers=1&groupA=1&xmo=1&surveys=1&toplists=1&groupB=1&branchreports=1&countryreports=1&groupC=1&expert￾tools=1&cmo=1&mmo=1&co=1&tmo=1&amo=1&io=1&dmo=1&accuracy=and&isoregion=0&isocountrySearch=&category=0&interval=0&archive=1


Everybody wants to look fresh, young, and beautiful. But the fact is, beauty starts from your inside. You can’t get your desired skin until you start taking care of yourself from the inside. Doing 20 minutes of proper meditation daily, drinking lots of water, and taking care of your good night’s sleep are the most effective and main ingredients for your skin to look just awesome. So keep in mind these three essentials before taking expensive skin care treatments and buying a lot of skin care products. I think you will need very few skincare products if you take care of your internal beauty in this way. Have a good day and have a good skin life!

By Azka Noor

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