World’s Largest Fashion Companies in 2024

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Largest Fashion Companies: Fashion has always been a prevalent issue, no matter the time or century that one is in. Even in the eighteens and nineteens, fashion was still as vibrant as it is in 2022. Just like fine wine, it seems to get better with time.  However, fashion has never been such a big industry as it is currently.

On a global level, the industry is worth over $3 trillion. Everyone wants to rock with the latest trends in the fashion Industry. However, we must admit that the fashion industry is not where it used to be as the COVID pandemic has affected a number of companies. With me here is a list of some of the largest fashion companies in the world. Take a look:

1. Dior:

With revenue of close to 53.6 Billion Euros in the year 2019 alone, the company has overtaken ancient giants to become probably one of the world’s largest fashion companies.


2. Nike:

There is no doubt about the fact that Nike is probably the biggest fashion industry in the world. The company has a net revenue of over 37.4 Billion USD. It has grown as a supplier of sporting equipment but it’s now a whole fashion company.

largest fashion companies Nike

source: Pinterest

3. Kering:

It is a giant fashion company located in France and with several outlets across the world. It has a revenue of close to 17.8 billion dollars.

4. Adidas:

It is a famous sports company across the world, famous for its sporting equipment, and has grown over the years to become a fashion icon 200. t has a net revenue of close to 25 billion dollars.


5. Richemont;

With revenue of close to 16.4 billion dollars, the Swiss luxury company is fast growing to be one of the best globally. It owns several brands including Cartier, Chloe, and the famous Dunhill.

6. Hermes:

It posted an impressive revenue of 7.7 billion dollars. It is one of the biggest fashion companies in France. The fashion company is specifically famous for selling women’s handbags.


By Alex Munene

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