Work From Home: 4 Fashion & Style Ideas

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When the pandemic started, a lot of us are forced to work and study at home. It’s almost 3 years since then and I know a lot of us have been feeling cabin fever. Blessed those countries who are already COVID FREE and back on their normal lives. And for those countries that are still fighting this virus, we will win this fight! 

Working from home has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. And since a lot of us are working at home, dressing up for others is not necessary at all. It means you don’t have to wake up very early to fix yourself up, and you can repeat your clothes 3 times in a row. But hey! fashion lovers love to dress up even working at home, especially those works that need to be on cameras always. So, here are some of the work from home outfit ideas I have in mind.

A Lazy Worker Outfit Idea


I know the title of this look sounds funny but it’s true. This work from home looks is for workers who work in the office that doesn’t need to be on cam for a meeting. Most of the time, they are working on paper works or something. For example writers, editors, and other jobs that don’t include cameras. Since you are just at home, you could wear a comfy lounge outfit or your pajamas from last night. I’m guilty of it!. Okay fine, since this is a lazy work-from-home outfit you can chill and don’t think about putting on makeup or wearing heels and shoes. You still look great with your messy hair. 😉

Mom’s Work From Home Outfit


I’m really curious about why do some moms wear a dress at home all the time? I don’t know the answer and I never ask my mom about it. But I guess wearing a dress at home is very comfortable with them, especially for a working mom who works from home. They can still be stylish with this look. To feel more motivated doing work, they can pair their dress with good and stylish flip-flops to look more casual. A nice flash of makeup is highly recommended especially if you have a meeting that needs to be on cam. I know moms are busy at home and they need a flash of style too.

Expectation VS Reality Look


Laziness to the highest level is on this look, ladies and gentlemen! A Business coat on top and sweat pants on the bottom. That’s how we rock a business deal via video call. Stylish on top, feel at home in the bottom, lol!

Doña Work From Home Look


For those of you who don’t know, the term “Doña” is a Spanish word and we usually use this word to honor or respect a woman (usually an elderly woman). Doña is followed by the first name of a woman (e.g. Doña Belle). The reason I include this in work from home outfit ideas it’s because I know a lot of women dress up like this even if they are just at home. Mostly influencers, celebrities, or royalties who love to dress up and style their selves. It’s one way of motivating yourself to get things done and I admire women who make an effort to fix their selves. I do fix myself too but not a Doña look except if I feel like dressing up like a Doña.

Photo credit to Pinterest and Larne Studio in Instagram.

By Belle Willow 

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