Wondering How To Wear Rings Like A Queen

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Rings are not just a metal band with a gemstone studded to be worn just for fun. It is a fashion statement and sometimes more than that because every woman is a queen for his lover and a queen has a story associated with her every jewel. You might have heard many stories of ancient times which are associated with rings. From being considered a magical jewel to a signature jewel for a love proposal, a ring is a jewelry piece that has always been in the limelight in all eras. If you want a ring for yourself, here are some tips that will help you take your styling sense to the queen level.

Pair Rings With Other Accessories

Your other accessories can also add grace to the ring; you can pair your ring with other accessories, such as a bracelet or a metal band. You can wear them on the same hand or on the other hand to make a contrasting combination. Glittering nail art is also a tricky way to get your ring noticed. Get your nails adorned by a professional nail artist and beautify your four fingers with rings that make a perfect match with your nail art.

Pair Rings With Other Accessories
A Woman Wearing A Ring And Bracelet In The Same Hand

Choose A Unique Design

Because a queen is one in many, this is the reason your collection of rings should not be ordinary. To stand apart from the crowd, you can follow the league of royals and celebrities or you can get yourself a uniquely designed ring. For instance, a two-stone ring, a ring with a decorative shank, or a side stone ring will be a good choice. You will also find many such ring designs that will turn heads for a second look.

Stack-On The Same Finger

Just one ring is not enough to catch all the eyes; either choose a metal band or another ring to make your finger look stylishly adorned. For this, you must have a wide collection of thin and thick rings or bands. Stackable rings are also available in the market; you can make mixes of different gemstones, such as emerald stones with rubies or sapphires with aquamarines. You can leave one finger blank and overload the other fingers to balance your style statement.

Emerald rings
A Woman Wearing Different Rings Or Bands in The Same Finger

Different Rings In All The Fingers

A queen is the one who showcases most of her jewelry collection on every occasion. Different rings on different fingers are the best way of doing so. You will be amazed to know that each gem has its own significance on each finger and a queen knows very well which gemstone is best suitable for which finger. So wisely choose precious stones  for all your fingers and shine like a queen.

Choose Rings Exceptionally Big Gemstones

You might have seen jewelry of royals in magazines and museums with different gemstones, but they all have one thing in common and that is big gemstones studded in them. You can also choose a ring with an exceptionally big emerald stone or any other gemstone to style like a queen but what you should know is that big-size gemstones do not come with flawless clarity.

Big gemstone rings
A Woman Wearing An Exceptionally Big Gemstone Ring

We hope you are no longer wondering how you can wear rings like a queen. Get ready to be at the center of the stage, get ready to get clicked, and be discussed by everyone. Who knows that one day you may find yourself on the cover page of a fashion magazine?

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