Wolf Cut: The Ultimate Guide to the Trendy Mullet-Shag Hybrid Hairstyle

wolf cut cover
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A mullet and the shag, two of the most fashionable and trendy haircuts right now, are combined to create the wolf cut. The wolf cut haircut, which is thought to have evolved in South Korea, has a ton of thick, shaggy layers on top and wispy, flowing ends at the rear.
The wolf cut, which is a hybrid of the mullet and the shag, is a low-maintenance style renowned for its adaptability. Learn more about the wolf cut hairstyle and how to maintain or style it. The wolf cut looks greatest on thick hair, but it may be worn with any hair type in general. Thinner ends with short, choppy levels at the crown may appear flat and lack volume on people with fine hair.  Stylish Wolf Cut in Shoulder Length.


 Long Layered Wolf Cut

With its vibrant, juicy purple hair color, we adore this long, heavily multilayered style that doubles the wolf haircut craze. Use a round brush to style it, and some shaping cream to achieve the classic sloppy wolf haircut appearance.

 Long Wavy Wolf Cut

For coarse, organically wavy hair that is thick and coarse, this subtle wolf cut is ideal. It is simple to maintain with only a little salt spray or curl-boosting serum and boasts a lot of volume and texture.

Wolf Haircut for Medium Length Hair

For straighter, thicker hair, a combination of heavy, piled fringe or heavily layered, mullet-like tips is the finest option. Bright, fragmented highlights will give your hairdo dimension and movement while highlighting the cut’s texture.

There is a haircut that appears to be popular in every generation. Millennials had lobs, Gen X had mullets, and Gen Z has a wolf, which, now that I think about it, is kind of a hybrid of the previous two trends.

If you’re wondering what the Wolf is, it’s basically a shag haircut with wispy layers or volume that is now dominating TikTok.

The #wolfcut hashtag has had more than 300 million views as of this writing, and many of the videos feature happy users giving themselves the chop by putting their hair up in a bun (or two), then slicing across the ends to create unequal layers. This cut is best described by taking the shag haircut’s basic structure and adding a dash of mullet-like spiciness.

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