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The wolf cut refers to a haircut that has longer layers along the sides of the head and jagged layers on top. The wolf cut emphasizes volume in the top part of the head, growing thinner towards the hair ends, and was inspired by the throwback rock ‘n’ roll style that was fashionable throughout the 1970s. The wolf cut’s distinctive fringe falls just above the forehead, but you can alter the length to suit the shape of your face. The style of disheveled, bouncy lift that characterizes the generous wolf haircut may be achieved with straight, wavy, as well as curly hair types. Use a curl solution to give your naturally curly or wavy wolf cut locks more dimension.

Voluminous Wolf Haircut with Wispy Layers

The wolf reduction seems finest on thick hair, however, it could be worn with any hair kind in general. Thinner ends with short, uneven tiers on the crown may also seem flat and absence of quantity on humans with the best hair.


Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

Wolf cut haircuts are surprisingly adaptable, so regardless of your facial shape or hair type, feel free to give this trend a try. This choice appears to be rather adorable, but you may make it more edgy by adding a top texture that is a little bit chaotic and lengthier layers with chopped edges.

Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

Here is another example of a shaggy hairstyle that works for women of all hair kinds. However, with this original take on the wolf haircut, fringes almost completely enclose the eyes and conceal the lower half of one’s face, which may suit long faces but not those with round faces.

Add a shaping spray to straight hair to give it body and movement. You may change the wolf cut appearance to suit a long or shorter haircut because it works with numerous hair lengths. The finest styling tools for a wolf cut emphasize your hair’s natural texture while boosting volume. Select a soft hair spray in addition to a styling spray that is appropriate for your hair type. When styling a bouncing wolf hairstyle, these supplies are quick and simple to employ. Use a light pomade as part of your hair care regimen for defining your hair strands if you wear a short wolf cut. To avoid weighting down thinner layers with pomade, use a dime-sized quantity.


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