Why Women Wear Skirts And How To Choose The Perfect One For You

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why women wear skirts

The skirt is one of the representative symbols of the woman. Skirts and dresses have always been associated with femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, and elegance.

It is already known, that in the past women were forbidden to wear trousers, and the first to wear trousers were the writer George Sand and later Sarah Bernhardt in 1890.

Today women can freely choose what they want to wear, but before choosing the clothing style for a certain day or occasion we should know a few small details.

When we wear pants, we will feel much more comfortable, confident, and full of attitude, but we will start to emanate masculine energy, and we will lose our femininity. Instead, when we wear dresses and skirts we became relaxed, creative, innocent, and sensitive.

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The secret behind the skirts

The masculine energy is the strong, external energy of success, while the feminine energy is the creative, sensitive, and artistic one. It flows, moves in curves and it focuses on the experience more than on the result.

The masculine energy gives you satisfaction, the feminine one makes you feel fulfilled from the inside out.


So, a pair of pants is perfect when you want to close a profitable business, and you need to be centered and focused on success. Using masculine energy we will be focused on our goals, but it will take us away from our feminine energy.

Men take their energy from the surrounding environment, from the universe, but women take their energy from the earth. This is also one of the reasons why in the past real ladies wore only dresses and skirts.

The longer and tighter the skirt is the more energy that reaches the woman’s body. If the skirt is split or too short and wide, the energy from the ground will flow outwards.

The best types of skirts are conical, mermaid, and floor-length ones. It is not for nothing, that they fit any event, at any time of the day, and with whatever you combine them, they keep your silhouette feminine and elegant.

The perfect skirt for your silhouette

Stylists consider the ideal body shape, the hourglass shape, so if we did not have this silhouette type, we may create the optical illusion of the hourglass silhouette using our clothes and accessories. The brain does not understand the difference between real and fake. It perceives all similar and adjacent elements as a whole.

The Apple type of silhouette comes up usually in petite women. The upper body is wider than the lower one. The shoulders are broad, the chest prominent and the waist is missing but the legs are thin and beautiful.

What do we wear? Long A-shaped skirts, which give the sensation of length and balance the volume in the ankle area with that of the shoulders, or very short and wide dresses, highlight the legs and hide the abdomen.

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Women with pear-shaped bodies have a more pronounced lower part. The thighs are large and the legs can sometimes be thicker. The waist is thin and beautifully accentuated.

A good option for this silhouette could be a high waist skirt and a voluminous bra.

If we consider that we have too much volume in the lower area, we use length to hide the width. Dresses straight to the ground are a great idea and tapered dresses and skirts above the knees will give the feeling of thinner and longer legs.

Women with rectangular bodies are usually taller and have a sporty conformation. The chest, waist, and hips are at the same level. There is no waist, but the legs are thin and straight.

For this type of silhouette, we can wear any length of the dress, but we should ad volume equally also on the upper part of the body, as well as on the lower part of the body. The other option is to make our waist look smaller. A simple dress with a corset or a belt is a good idea.

For the hourglass silhouette, we already have the proportions, we just have to be careful to keep them. Simple, well-proportioned dresses that do not hide our waist are the best option. Also, a dress in a single color highlights our curves.

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Besides these little fashion tips, the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel good because when you feel good, you look great.

By Paula Radu

Photo credit: Google

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