Why Women Prefer Alexandrite Jewelry


Alexandrite, as soon as you hear this word a color-changing gemstone tickles your mind. You can find many colored gemstones, but the only property that makes this gemstone stand out is its color-changing property. It is not surprising to know that alexandrite jewelry is the preference of every gemstone jewelry-loving woman. But it is an unsolved mystery, in spite of having many other colored gemstones, why women love alexandrite so much. In this article, we will try to solve this mystery and by the end, you will know what makes alexandrite a choice for women’s jewelry.

So let us start solving the mystery layer by layer. First, we will learn about the gemstone and then study its chemistry with metals, its rarity, and its durability. By the time we will reach the pricing part, the mystery will almost be solved.

About Alexandrite

Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite is the birthstone for June and the gemstone is the gift for the fifty-fifth wedding anniversary. Astrologers recommend this gemstone for natives of the Cancer zodiac. People with Leo, Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo zodiac signs can also derive benefits from wearing natural alexandrite gemstones. This sparkling gemstone activates significant chakras of the body, including the throat chakra, heart chakra, and third eye chakra.

Let us understand the category-wise benefits of Alexandrite

Physical Health Benefits

Alexandrite is known to have splendid medical benefits. It is beneficial for people suffering from ailments and disorders related to reproductive organs and the nervous system. This gemstone regenerates neurological tissues and alleviates inflammation, especially in neck muscles. It helps to ease leukemia symptoms and strengthens the pineal and pituitary glands. The powerful detoxifying action of natural alexandrite improves liver functioning so that it can work at its best.

Emotional Healing Properties

Natural alexandrite encourages the wearers to listen to their hearts and helps them to gain control over emotions. It strengthens willpower and supports the wearer to accept changes in life. This helps them in dealing with overpowering emotions. Alexandrite crystal is used in many emotional healing therapies because it balances the Heart Chakra. It develops an interest in pursuing a fulfilling career and calms the feelings of being lost.

Channelizes Positive Energy

Alexandrite’s birthstone wards off negativity from the mind and channelizes positive thoughts. It is considered a very positive omen, boosts self-esteem, and brings good luck. It has a powerful and protective charm that keeps the wearer protected and safe from any negative energy and harm.

Boosts Creativity & Intellectual Powers

Because of its pleasant blue-green hue, most the astrologers believe that alexandrite is ruled by Mercury. This is why the alluring gemstone keeps away the harmful effects of the planet Mercury and encourages the wearer to deal with creative blocks, confusion, and poor decision-making skills. Alexandrite gemstone benefits its wearers by enhancing their mental abilities and helping them in making effective decisions in life.


Promotes Professional Success

Among the various benefits of alexandrite, success in business and career is the one which is the most significant. It benefits the wearer to overcome professional instability and struggle for recognition. Fame, good luck, and prosperity are believed to be bestowed on the wearer of this rare gemstone.

You might have noticed that alexandrite touches almost every aspect of your life. So what is the other thing that makes alexandrite a choice for women’s jewelry? Well, let us find out.

Chemistry With Metals

Alexandrite Jewelry 2

Alexandrite is known for its color-changing properties. Eventually, both of its color tones go perfectly well with all the metals. Women usually prefer rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold for their jewelry and alexandrite perfectly complements these metals. Not just with rings, alexandrite makes a perfect combination with metals for all sorts of jewelry pieces. Women love to flaunt big-size gemstones in their jewels and because of the capability of making good combinations with metals, large alexandrites look perfect in any jewel.

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To solve the mystery, let us uncover another layer. Women love things that are extremely rare. Natural alexandrites are extremely rare and women love to wear these gems because they love to be the center of attraction. Because of its rarity alexandrite is a symbol of luxury, so you can flatter your woman easily with an alexandrite jewel. Women fall for those who understand them and make them feel special. A rare gemstone such as alexandrite speaks the tale of your picture-perfect chemistry with her and symbolizes that you know her preferences.


Delicacy is one of the major attributes of women, but that does not mean they cannot deal with tough things. Many of them deal with hard objects in their daily routine. Alexandrite, with a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, is a perfect gemstone for durable jewelry pieces. It does not get easily scratched with common things of everyday life such as knives, nail cutters, etc. Women love things with which they can feel free. Alexandrite is one such object that doesn’t restrict them because it does not require much care and they can wear it in everyday routine.

So, the mystery behind alexandrite being a popular gemstone among women has been solved. So you can give your woman any alexandrite jewel to make her feel the warmth of your love. Before making a purchase decision, you should know how much it is going to cost you and how you can get an alexandrite jewel at the best price. So let us proceed with the pricing part of this mesmerizing gemstone.


Price Of Alexandrite Gemstone

The alexandrite price starts from around $1100 per carat. The color shift in alexandrite is responsible for its price. A piece in which you can see intense color change sells for the highest price. To get alexandrite gemstone at the best price, you can wait for the sale and if you are purchasing an alexandrite ring, then you can play with metals to reduce the overall price of the jewel.

We hope this write-up will help you choose the right jewel for her and become close to her heart. Grab a beautiful alexandrite ring for her and it will surely be a delightful gift for her. So hurry up! Now you know the key to her heart. Get her an alexandrite jewel and make her fall for you again.


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