Why Wearing Cheap Clothes Is Okay


We live in a modern world wherein technologies are evolving. There are new trends in fashion, style, and beauty that every woman is crazy about. Luxurious things here and there are the most precious gift every woman could receive too. Yeah, Luxury is still a thing up these days but here’s the truth and a practical reason why wearing cheap clothes is okay.

1. Not All Of Us Are Born With A Silver Spoon In The Mouth


why wearing cheap clothes is okay

-> They said all of us are equal and that is true. In many ways yes we are equal but not all of us are equal when it comes to ‘financial things’ Families who belong to higher and middle classes will probably afford branded names of clothes, shows, and bags and some of them are impulsive buyers (especially the higher class 🤫) But that’s fine, it’s their money to waste by the way. And if it makes them happy, let them be. But just like what I said Not All Of Us Are Born With A Silver Spoon In The Mouth, meaning not all of us can afford such luxurious things and that’s okay! There is nothing wrong with buying cheap and local brands.

cheap clothes

2. Help Local Brands

-> If you think wearing a local brand and affordable outfits will make you look like crap then you better think twice. Did you know that supporting local brands of shoes, bags, clothes, and other things that are fashion-related or other things locally is a big help in your society? You can help promote their business by just posting on your social media or doing something that will help local owners to grow their businesses. Helping is such a wonderful feeling. And help doesn’t mean giving money, it means showing compassion to other people.

3. Practically Perfect In Every Way

Sorry to disappoint you but branded clothes like channel, Dior, Gucci, Versace, and a lot of branded names as well as the bag and shoes are actually available in the second-hand apparel store. Yeah, they’re cheap but mind you, with them, you can run the world and be Practically Perfect In Every way! (Just remember Miss Poppins in that 😅)

Now the question is, why wearing cheap clothes is okay? Well then, as I have said not all of us are fortunate to afford luxurious brand names. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter what brand of clothes you are wearing. Either it’s locally made or whatever as long as you have clothes on then you’re blessed enough. Cheap or not, it’s still fashion and style and there is beauty in it. 


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