Why Open Flat Shoes Are The Best Footwear

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You may be wondering why open flat shoes are the best to wear daily, this is because it gives our feet the freedom to chill and to be comfortable wherever we go. There are a lot of shoes that are comfortable as well like sneakers and running shoes but for me, open flat shoes are the best these days! Here’s the reason why.

1. Comfortable

Comfortability is my number one goal when it comes to fashion and style. And as a woman, it is important to choose the most comfortable footwear especially if you are a working girl. I wore heels a lot and I never complain about them because I love wearing heels and it matches my outfit of the day.  Not until I started my internship that I realized what struggle heels bring me.

I wore heels the whole day and it kills my feet! And I know why; I spent 8 hours of my life every day doing my internship and I swear heels are not a good choice. So, the best solution for a busy day at work is to wear comfortable yet stylish shoes! And open flat shoes can slay in fashion too!


2. Stylish

I have seen a lot of open flat shoes that have different styles and colors that are well-matched with every outfit you could ever think of. What I like about it personally is that open flat shoes have a homey feeling that when I wear them feel like I’m at home chilling and vibing. Of course, styles are an additional point for it.


3. Free The Foot

I read somewhere that a foot needs relaxation too and heels are guilty of this. We all know-how heels are very pretty on our feet but they are silent killers, lol! With the help of an open flat shoe, our feet can breathe and relax from our everyday doing.


4. Always On The Go!

With an open flat shoe, you are always on the go and ready to stand on your feet even if it takes you an hour of standing.

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