Why I Am Not Guilty Of Wearing Jeans Everyday

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“The trick is, when you try a good pair of jeans on, you may not think they’re that great, but you wear them for two months, and they become your favorite jeans. They’re tricky. You gotta let them live.” – Chris Evans

Well…I love wearing jeans and I love Chris Evans.

jeans 1

For me, Jeans are kind of like my consistent attire. Every outfit I search for or save on my Pinterest board necessitates jeans. A pair of comfortable and perfect-fitting jeans with a nice top just makes me feel confident. I feel great about myself. The perfect pair of jeans conceal what needs to be avoided and always show off what needs to be enhanced. An impeccable pair of denim is one which moves along with your body throughout the day. They bend, they move, they accept and endure all that you do with all the love. I just love the fact that I can wear jeans all year round.

I believe, There is always an exceptional place in your heart for your favorite pair of jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans usually have a history with you. They have been places with you. You can wear them as formal attire and informally as well and trust me, it’s perfectly fine to grab that very fav denim of yours every now and then.

When we talk about Jeans, we are talking about the vanguard of the fashion world. Yes, there are plenty of other options available; from skirts to dresses but nothing can match up to evergreen denim. Be it your coolest pair of flared ones or your most comfortable boyfriend–everyone has their favorite jeans. Whatever your style, it won’t be wrong if I say that it’s more than an ensemble, after all, they are comfortable and durable and they just rock every season.

pair of denim jeans

With new cuts, washes, and colors denim in every form works well. Whether it is that slouchy, drooping one or one with rips in the thighs or knees. The new and innovative ways women style their denim these days are remarkable. Even ripped jeans if styled appropriately; can be perfect not only for weekends and evenings but as a work staple as well.

Here are my five reasons – why I am not guilty of wearing jeans every day:

They go with everything

Creating different looks with one single pair of jeans is totally possible. Actually, you can wear the same pair almost daily by simply refashioning the other things such as accessories and the upper bodice. It seriously works with various combinations.

denim jeans

Crop tops look insanely great with ripped jeans and can be a perfect fit for a crazy night out. Just throwing on a stylish hoodie and combat boots keeps the casual vibe of the weekend alive. Moreover, a cool pair of perfectly fitted denim with a white tee and a blazer makes great repeat attire for your office.


People cannot actually figure out whether or not your fav pair of denims-in question has been washed

it’s a win–win situation always!

You just can’t avoid the comfort factor

There is nothing as comfortable as your perfectly worn-in jeans. Your jeans are those one pair of bottoms you can just rely on in a nip. Not to forget the various options available for styles, washes, and fits. Moreover, with the addition of spandex, these days moving around in them has become an easy task.

A wide variety of cuts can provide you ample opportunities to style it with your fav footwear

They can be worn with a number of shoes, boots, and even heels-trust me!!!

And last but not the least, nothing else in your closet makes your body look this great and that excuse is more than enough.


denim jeans 2

I live in Jeans and I think my love affair with jeans will never slow down. What about you guys!!!

Image Source: Pinterest

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