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Hair fall is very common nowadays. Do you know why our hairs fall and how can we prevent them? Hair fall due to a number of reasons. Do you know these reasons? Let’s find them out. Basically, hair fall can be natural, and due to our mistakes. Similarly, hair fall may be permanent or temporary. However, one of the very concerning questions is how to prevent hair fall. Can we really prevent hair falling or there is no possibility to control them? In this blog article, I have given answers to all of these questions. These answers are based on my personal research and extensive reading about the topic. Similarly, the natural hair fall process is quite difficult and almost difficult to stop. Whereas, the temporary hair fall process is comparatively easy to stop by adopting certain conditions. So let’s now cut the introduction and find out answers to all the above-highlighted questions in detail. Hair

Why Do Hair Fall?

Hair fall due to a number of reasons including the most common reason is the increase in our age. Similarly, for some people hair fall due to heredity characteristics. however, change in certain body hormones, medical conditions, and improper hair washing also cause premature and early fall of hair. Additionally, hair loss can be due to stress, nutritional deficiencies, and thyroid disorders. Actually, research suggests that there are 30 and plus different diseases that cause hair fall. Hair Fall

Can We Really Prevent Hair Fall?

The context of this question may vary as per the specific cause and reason behind hair loss. However, prevention is always better than cure. Therefore always take great care of your hair. In this regard, consult with experts, use a hair-friendly diet, never use substandard cosmetics, and do not take the stress. Similarly, wash your hair properly, and on time, and get them less exposed to the sun in the summer season. If hair fall is your family heredity, consult with a hair expert as soon as it is possible.    Hair Treatment

Which are the Reasons for Hair Fall for Women?

There can be different reasons but the most common reason is the excessive pull of the hair. Similarly, improper hair washout, dandruff, heavy shampoo or conditioner, and combing to wet hair. Sometimes, pregnant women face hair fall problems. During pregnancy as well as after delivery they observe their hair falling. Under these conditions use some natural and herbal tips. Additionally, use eggs, almond oil, fish oil, and other natural products for overcoming this type of problem.  Women Hair Loss


Which are the Reasons for Hair Fall for Men?

There are different causes and reasons that damage men’s hair and ultimately cause hair fall. For instance, baldness and alopecia areata disease are the most common reasons behind our hair loss. Similarly, substandard shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and improper care of hair cause hair fall. In some parts of the world, men expose their hair in hot summer and even carry the load on their hair. Additionally, they wash their hair with salty and heavy water from rivers and oceans. Men Dirty Hair

How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately?

If your hair fall is temporary and not due to heredity, its immediate stop is very much possible. In this regard, you need to change your hairstyle and need to take extra care of your hair. Similarly, never use hair bleach and tight combing brushes. However, never ignore consulting the hair experts. Additionally, follow their suggestions strictly and keep visiting them as and when required. How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately?

Which Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Fall?

Vitamin-D’s deficiency causes immediate hair loss. However, the research suggests that vitamins C, E, B-7, and B-12 also cause the fall of our hair. Similarly, the deficiency of some of the minerals such as iron, zinc, and phosphorous may also cause hair fall.  Additionally, improper and less nutritional diets may also cause immediate hair loss.  Hair Vitamins


Why Do Men Lose Their Hair Quickly as Compared to Women?

It is true that men lose their hair very quickly as compared to women. However, scientists believe that the DHT hormone is the main cause of hair loss among men. Similarly, men get more exposed to the sun, and pollution, and often carry the load on their heads. Additionally, men remain under constant stress due to a number of reasons. They also do not take care of their balanced diet as compared to men. This is why they lose their hair quickly. Why Do Men Lose Their Hair Quickly as Compared to Women


Whether men or women, hair are the crown of their heads. Therefore, they must take complete care of their hair. On the other hand, they should take care of their proper and hair-friendly diet. By doing this they can certainly prevent hair falls and stop their premature fall. Hairs give exposure to your facial beauty. They give you a beautiful look and make you confident to face the masses. hence, always love your hair by taking great care of them.

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