White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks: 7 Do’s and Don’ts

White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks
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White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks: The world of makeup is a canvas for creativity, and white eyeliner is a versatile tool that often goes overlooked. Like any makeup product, there are right and wrong ways to use White eyeliner. Here we will explore 7 dos and don’ts of white eyeliner to help you master this makeup essential.

Do’s: White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

1. Prime your lids:

Make sure your eyelids are properly primed before applying white eyeliner. This step helps the liner adhere better and prevents it from smudging or fading throughout the day.

2. Highlight your inner corners:

Brightening your inner corners is one of the most effective ways to use white eyeliner.

3. Enhance your Brow Bone:

Highlighting your brow bone is another great use for white eyeliner.

White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

4. Create a base for Eyeshadow:

Making the colors appear more vibrant and ensuring they last longer, white eyeliner can act as an excellent eyeshadow base.

5. Make Your Eyes Pop:

Use white eyeliner on your lower waterline (the inner rim of your lower eyelid) to make your eyes appear larger and more captivating.

6. Experiment with Creative looks:

You should get creative with your looks by using a white liner to draw unique shapes, designs, or accents on your eyelids.


7. Choose the Right Formula:

Look for a creamy and pigmented formula that glides smoothly on your skin when selecting a white eyeliner. popular choices for precision and staying power are pencil or gel eyeliners.

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Don’ts: White Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

1. Overdo it:

Avoid applying too much product, as it can look stark and unnatural.

2. Skip Mascara:

White eyeliner can make your lashes appear lighter hence follow up with a coat of mascara to define and darken your lashes.

3. Use a white liner on the upper waterline:

To make your eyes appear smaller and less defined, apply white eyeliner to your upper waterline.

4. Neglect Blending:

Blending is key when working with white eyeliner.

5. Forget to set your liner:

White eyeliner can have a tendency to smudge or fade hence it’s essential to set it with a corresponding white eyeshadow or a translucent setting powder.

6. Ignore your Skin Tone:

People with very fair or deep skin tones may find that off-white or nude eyeliners work better for their complexion.

7. Apply White liner to Blemishes:

White eyeliner is meant for the eyes, not as a concealer for blemishes or imperfections on your skin.


Incorporating white eyeliner into your makeup routine can open up a world of create possibilities.


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