Which Pukhraj Stone is Best for Astrology?

Pukhraj Stone
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Pukhraj Stone is one of the most powerful gemstones in Navratna and represents Jupiter (Brhaspati).

Wearing one symbolizes good fortune, grace, and education; wearing it can bring wealth, prosperity, happiness, and marital bliss as well as help reduce any negative influences of Rahu in your chart. It also helps reduce any adverse reactions related to Rahu.

Original Pukhraj Stone Price

Natural Pukhraj stones are rare and therefore expensive, due to being of higher quality and not going through heat treatment, which makes them more valuable for astrological use than treated gemstones. The original Pukhraj stone price reflects their rarity and exceptional quality. Color also plays a large part in pricing these rare stones – bright yellow hues such as lemon yellow tend to fetch higher prices.

Pukhraj gemstone is one of India’s most treasured stones, worn by some of India’s leading figures from industry, politics, bureaucracy, and the art world. Unmarried women especially value it to help ensure matrimonial harmony; additionally, it has been known to increase fertility for childless couples. Pukhraj’s benefits include success in business and profession as well as rejuvenation of health and spiritual growth; thus it’s one of the strongest Navratna gemstones for people belonging to Kumbha Rashi ascendant people.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone Shape

Yellow sapphires are rare and beautiful gemstones, beloved by humans for centuries due to their magical significance. Like blue and pink sapphires, yellow sapphire is part of the corundum family and connected to Jupiter.

The beneficence of the Lord of the Sky can be truly awesome and bring great success, wealth, and fortune to any individual by clearing away any obstructions to growth and increasing the knowledge and wisdom of its wearer.

An amulet brings marital bliss to those who wear it and opens a sea of opportunities, which is why many astrologers recommend it to unmarried girls. Furthermore, amulets strengthen Raj Yoga practices by strengthening the ninth house. Also, amulets reduce mental stress levels for a peaceful state of mind.

Pukhraj Stone Color

Pukhraj stone, belonging to the corundum family of gemstones, is one of the most effective and powerful gems among navratnas, drawing its strength from Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati or Dev Guru.


Adopting Pukhraj can bring wealth, fortune, and opulence into your life. It helps you realize your goals and aspirations while nourishing both intellect and social standing.

Pukhraj works to energize the Solar plexus chakra and strengthen willpower, making you more decisive and confident when making decisions. Furthermore, it can help combat depression and stress; heal digestive and liver disorders; treat diseases like jaundice and tuberculosis; as well as shield you against harmful UV radiations from the Sun.

The Original Pukhraj Stone Clarity

Gemstone value can be determined by 4 essential criteria – color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Clarity refers to whether natural inclusions exist within a gemstone – for optimum quality Pukhraj stone this should mean minimal flaws with crystal-clear transparency.

Yellow sapphire is a revered and celebrated gemstone for its astrological benefits, making it one of the most prized members of the corundum family and earning itself an important place in Vedic astrology. This precious gemstone brings prosperity, luck, and excitement into life while offering relief for marital difficulties or childlessness issues. Yellow sapphire’s stimulating properties further increase knowledge and wisdom as it stimulates the solar plexus chakra and increases your willpower.

Natural Pukhraj Stone Luster

Pukhraj stones, stunning yellow sapphire gemstones that have long been revered for their beauty and astrological properties, have long been prized. Pukhrajs belong to the corundum family which also includes blue sapphires known as rubies as well as pink-orange padparadscha gemstones.

Pukhraj stones that are particularly desirable have a stunning combination of brilliant luster and clear clarity, free from visible inclusions and consistent color. Additionally, they should be symmetrical without windowed edges and have an impressive carat weight.

Pukhraj stones can be found throughout Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Australia – however, most gem traders source them from Tanzania or Madagascar mines. A genuine pukhraj stone should never be scratched by hard objects; otherwise, it’s likely fake.

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