Which Is The Best Soap For Your Face?

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Soaps are the main things used to enhance or maintain the beauty of the face. But as the above picture indicates, many such questions will be there in the minds of many people. There are many types of soaps and here I will restrict my writing to the best soap I have used for the face and body.

 Soap Basics

Soap is essentially a salt of a fatty acid mixture. Some people say that acidic soaps only should be used. Some others say that alkaline soaps are better. There are people who believe that neutral soaps are to be used.

What You Should Know About Soap

First of all, you should understand that:

“A particular type of soap will not be suitable for all types of skin. Also, the soap that is best in summer for you will not be good for winter.” Hence you should only decide about the soap that best suits your skin. For this purpose, many prestigious companies have manufactured small bar soaps, which are available at a very less cost.

There are some factors in soaps:

  • The fragrance – This will be the main attraction for buyers. But this is not the only thing that should be considered.
  • The nature- acidic, basic or neutral – This is a factor to be considered, as it will affect the sensitive skin.
  • The cleansing action- This is the main thing that is required for soap.
  • How long it will have good skin condition- this is a factor which all companies are using for advertisements.

Examples of Different Soaps

Gel-like soap

best gel-like soap
Gel-like soap
Look at this soap. This product has a lime essence and fragrance so you may find it a delight to take bath using it. It makes you feel fresh and the fragrance of it will inspire you. Even better it is having all the ideal requirements of soap.

Aloe Vera soap

aloe vera best soap
Aloe Vera soap.

Here is another soap. It is having Aloe Vera’s essence so it is said to cure some skin infections. Many companies are now concentrating on these kinds of soaps to cure pimples and many other skin problems. There are many such soaps and there is no end to such combinations available.

Double action soap

best soap 1
Double action soap.

Some special soaps have double layers so each layer has some special properties. In the soap shown above, one layer contains tiny grains for scrubbing actions on the face and the other side is chocolate essence! Scrubbing action will clean the dirt in the pores of the skin.

One of the very important things that you should know is:

That your skin is different and unique. So, try different soaps in different seasons and come to a standard usage schedule. All the things that I have written above are my own experiences and I have used all the above soaps for the past two years. There are soaps for minimizing pimples. Some soaps are good in protecting against harsh sunlight.

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By Jayaram A S

I welcome your comments and opinions 🙂

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