What’s Your Fashion Style Personality?

Fashion is said to be used to express ourselves without words. We let our clothes speak for ourselves when we can't blurt out the words.
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Fashion is said to be used to express ourselves without words. We let our clothes speak for ourselves when we do not have the chance to blurt out words. It is a non-verbal means to communicate as everything is visual. Our wardrobe is a representation of what and who we are because we feel at home wearing them.

Fashion is something that can be seen from the outside is actually rooted in how we feel from the inside. There are a wide array of styles out there that makes fashion fun and exciting. For this article, I have rounded up 7 fashion personality styles.

Feminine/Girly. This is characterized mostly by pastel hues and is usually picked by someone with a sweet and charming personality. (Key Piece/s: dress, dainty florals, bows, and ruffles)


Sporty. It is not just about liking and playing sports. This depicts a kind of style that is rugged but stylish at the same time. Comfort is key in wearing this style. (Key Piece/s: sneakers, jacket)


Sexy and glam. This is typically viewed as high-maintenance but people who choose this style are confident about themselves and their choices. They are elegant and sophisticated. (Key Piece/s: sequins, gold, anything that glitters)


Bohemian. This is heavily influenced by the Flower Power movement. They are free spirits who are bold enough and are not afraid to try on new things. (Key Piece/s: tunics, maxi dresses)


Artsy. As the name suggests, fashion is an art form. As much as they create art pieces, they translate them into the things they wear. Clothes are their canvas (Key Piece/s: watercolor designs, doodles)


Preppy. You will see casual, ivy league pieces which are trademarks of the look. It is fashion that suggests being well put together. Those who fall under this category have a taste for a classic look. (Key Piece/s: stripes, plaids, cardigans)

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Rock Fashion. Think about those people who like the music of the said genre. They are edgy and unconventional. (Key Piece/s; blacks, skinny jeans, leather, band shirts)


Which personality are you leaning towards? Maybe you still do not know it yet. Maybe you are still experimenting and trying on stuff that suits you. Well at the end of the day, fashion is not restrictive. You can be one or a mix of multiple styles as our needs are ever-changing. Always go for something that is close to your heart and feels authentic to you.

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