WHAT’s your diet?


Hey, fashion models following strict diet charts, what’s the preferred diet for fashion models?

models diet

This good food they’re recommended is less fat, fewer sugar vegetables? Don’t raise your eyebrows it’s true. All models fear eating as much as they are conscious of their weight as all know this.

But a piece of advice is to follow vegetarian food and some salads, green vegetable, eggs, boiled meat, fish, etc, so what they should avoid is chocolates, alcohol, Ciggerate, sugar, cream, etc.

Fashion models when they do ramp walks are in stress and they do have anxiety about how this affects their performance on ramp walks.

Some eat less and die early because of a lack of nutrition. Fear of getting fat or gaining weight they eat less and follow a strict diet.

We appreciate every model who walks on-ramp but we are not aware what all stress they have and how they feel the pressure of performing in front of a large crowd as well as judges, /guests’ and VIP people watching them.

And music costumes, the sandals/high heels always worry them a lot, I personally feel bad when they fail when they walk, and usually lose confidence in themselves, and go into depression.


These factors affect our models. Even supporting crowds, guests do have some sympathy towards them. They need advice, and energy to do better and have some competition to perform better.

The great event taking place in Paris Fashion, New York🗽, and Las Vegas everywhere the problems faced by models lack nutrition weakness and certainly, they need attention to have some food before the event. Never blame models for the failure and they’re doing their job whatsoever. Some people have the tendency to transfer their failures to models. This thing should not happen.

Last but not least have some humanity and take care of them, they are not toys they are real human beings, let’s help them to achieve their goals, and let them be successful models.

By YekkarPrakash

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