What’s Your Beauty Style? 6 Ways to Find Out!

beauty style
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Beauty style is finding something that’s the most beautiful thing about you and flaunting it to the world like a pro. It’s all about the unique style that makes you stand out in the crowd. The qualities that make you unique and attractive in your way. You highlight your strengths by putting extra effort and energy into what works best for you. 

Determine Your Beauty Style

We are helping you find out how to understand and determine your sense of beauty style to look great and feel all the awesomeness in yourself with confidence.

beauty style

1. Enhance Your Features

To enhance your features, you need to know and understand your facial structure correctly. Then only you will be able to emphasize them. You should know about the feature you are most proud of. Some may like their lips, eyes, or their well-defined nose. Whatever you like the most about you, make sure you play with that area accordingly. Contour your face and nose in the best way possible that determines your features. Add a pop of color for the flushed look and highlight them to complete your look. 

beauty style

2. Eyes & Eye Brows

Eyes frame your entire face along with your brows. If you have a gorgeous set of eyes, you need to enhance them by picking up the beauty style best suited for your set of eyes. What kind of eyeliner do you need to wear, along with the perfect eye shadow that may brighten your face rather than dull it. Work properly sculpting your brown into the proper shape according to your face structure. Choose the best colors, and mix and match accordingly.

beauty style

3. Perfect Hairdo

Everyone has a bad hair day! It is something we have to face quite often. A perfect hairdo is not reasonably possible to achieve on our own. It would help if you had professional guidance in this matter. Invest in a good hairstylist who can guide you about your hair. They will explain what length or hair color will be good for you according to your facial shape and undertones. Also, ask them about certain hairstyles that may be best suited for you to look just right! 

And never dye or bleach our hair on your own. It may badly damage your hair health. Always consult a specialist in this regard.

beauty style

4. Know Your Body Type

Every body type is different from one another and is beautiful in its way. To determine what dressing style suits you, you need to know your body structure well enough. Then only you can select that perfect dress for yourself to flaunt in style. You should know what the best jeans fit for a petite or how to dress your curves. Finding the best fit for yourself helps you look fabulous and confident.

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beauty style

5. Glowing Skin

Taking good care of your skin is very important. Your skin plays a significant role in your beauty style. If your skin is not glowing and looking fresh, your makeup and good dressing will fall flat on your face. Your dull and dry skin would not make you look your best. You need to follow a proper skincare routine that makes you look vibrant and fresh from head to toe. Add a good cleanser and moisturizer to your skincare, and don’t forget to exfoliate once a week.

beauty style

6. Experiment with Your Style

It feels good to stay in your comfort zone and remain constant with what works best for your beauty style, but sometimes try experimenting with different techniques that may help you discover your beauty style. It’s all about mixing and matching while finding what’s best for you. Play with colors on your eyes, or wear dark lipstick that you don’t wear regularly. Buy some vibrant colors in your dresses or shoes, break away from the same handbag, replace it with a classy clutch, or just double-wing your liner. In this way, maybe you happen to find out your signature beauty style.

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By Siddie F. Kay

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