What’s In My Work Bag

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A week of working is exhausting. That is why as a woman we should bring the most essential things in our work bag which is handy to bring and use for our everyday needs.

Makeup Pouch



First, and one of the most essential things a women’s working bag should have is a makeup pouch that consists of the following;




•Eyebrow Pencil

•Eyelash Curler

•Eyeshadow palette


•Hair Brush

Simple and easy makeup essentials to retouch. Along with it, bringing wet wipes, tissue, and alcohol is important as well.


A perfume is essential at work as well to keep you smell good and fresh all day.


Small Emergency Pouch



I always have a small pouch in all my bags wherever I go just in case of emergency. The following essentials are;

•Medicine for headache


•Sanitary Napkin

Bringing these things is useful I swear and whatever you need for an emergency then don’t hesitate to add it to your emergency pouch.

Pouch For Pens

As a woman, we should be organized with all our things. I don’t know about you but I have separate pouches with everything because I want my things to be organized and clean especially with my pens. I also had the following essentials that are helpful to me;



•Small Stapler

•Small Notepad




•Ballpen Eraser


If you live in a country where from time to time it rains then probably you needed an umbrella to save you from getting wet.




A scarf is a holy savior for whenever you get cold or your clothes get dirty so better bring a good scarf to work.

Personally, I use a big bag at work because I bring a lot of things, especially my laptop. What about you, what are your essential things at work?

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By Belle 

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