What Your Fave Nail Polish Color Says About You!

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Everybody has their favorite nail polish color, but what does it *really* say about you? The hue you select reveals a little something about who you are, whether you’re a neutral gal or prefer to liven things up with rad reds or strong blues.

What does your fave nail polish color say about you?

Neutral french tip

Nail Polish Color 1

French tips and neutrals are both understated yet stylish, simple but adaptable. These colors indicate that the wearer is well-dressed, approachable, sophisticated, and reliable. Their flexible nail colour is proof certain that they are always prepared and ready for anything. Pour the Bubbly by Ella+Mila is a stunning pinkish nude that we suggest trying for females who want to stick with what they know.


Dark Color Nail Polish Color

Nail Polish Color 2

Dark polishes are striking and have a bit of sharpness. The color and the person are bold, assured, resolute, and courageous. Those who choose dark polishes are competent, perceptive, and consistently make wise decisions.


Red Nails

Nail Polish Color 3

Classic red is elegant, ageless, and fashionable. Anyone who wears this energetic hue is determined, resourceful, and brave. They also know what they want. They possess poise, assurance, and grace. Our suggested shade? Big Apple Red by OPI.


Multi-colored Nail Polish Color

Nail Polish Color 5

Colorful nails are edgy and glamorous. This fashion statement is feisty, colourful, and artistic whether the wearer decides to go ombre in their preferred colour scheme or mix it up with the hues of the rainbow. The person wearing it is original, inventive, and perceptive. Olive & June’s Flower Power is a multicoloured queen’s hue.


Blue and Greens

Nail Polish Color 6

Blues and greens may be tranquillizing or vintage and enjoyable. The variety of tones offers countless opportunities for daring enjoyment. Those that select this palate are intrepid, contemplative, courageous, and vivacious.


Metallic Nail Polish Color

Nail Polish Color 9

Metallics are glitzy, theatrical, flirtatious, and enjoyable. Your beautiful, bright personality is displayed by these nails. The wearer is vivacious, endearing, confident, and a realist who always looks on the bright side! Clair de Lune by Chanel is highly recommended.


What is your favorite color? Let me know!

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By Priya Grover


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