What Type of Shoes Make Men Attractive? 5 Must-Have Pairs

What type of Shoes Make Men Attractive
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Shoes: When you are strolling around for your evening walks or late-night relaxation mood, stop any random lady and ask them what attracts them to men. The most likely answer will be shoes. Research has proven, time and again, that ladies easily fall for a man’s type of shoes. Women are visual beings too and are attracted to fine things. I speak this out of experience. Their visuals essentially begin with the kind of shoe a man is putting on. A good shoe on a man is more likely to woo a lady, especially for first-time meetings. For this reason, men must invest in the following types of shoes. This article will help us answer the question: What type of Shoes Make Men Attractive?

1. Loafer shoes Make men attractive:

Any lady out there will tell you for free that ladies love men in loafers. For those not aware, loafers are low-top shoes without laces and may have other additional unique features. They are perfect for a man’s casual look and come in a wide variety. For ladies wishing to surprise their men with a gift, this could be one of the perfect ideas.

2. Boots look attractive on  them:

This doesn’t need any further explanation. Any boot on a man brings out his masculine nature, portraying him as a responsible and strong man just like a soldier in army boots. Boots come in different colors and sizes. If you are able to purchase a pair of army boots, that would be even better.

What type of Shoes Make Men Attractive

3. Are Men in Sneaker shoes attractive?

This is a big YES. Men who know how to wear sneakers will always remain very attractive in the eyes of ladies. Sneakers are one of the types of shoes every man must have out here. They perfectly fit any type of occasion may it be casual or semi-casual. A sneaker is the fastest way to make a lady fall for you.

What type of Shoes Make Men Attractive

4. Are double monks attractive?

Yes, they are still very attractive and fashionable. These shoes give a tight and secure grip for men, making them more durable and comfy to wear. Most of the ladies have confessed their attraction to men wearing double monks’ shoes.

5. Moccasins:

These are the type of shoes that have an American origin and may look a little bit traditional but have been modernized by the modern moccasins that are very attractive.


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