What To Wear With Every Shoe Color

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If you’re a shoe collector, it’s reasonable to say you like purchasing shoes in every color you can find. You most likely have all of these colors in your shoe collection, ranging from traditional dark colors to unique and unusual tones.

Whichever shoes you wear, you’ll always have a matching outfit that enhances them perfectly. A single or matching set is developed to suit and layer for a full style, whether you want to oppose or complement the colors of every garment component. As a result, if you’re wondering what products in the fashion industry can go with your style of shoes, keep reading.

Here’s what to wear with each shoe color:

1. Basic Black And White

Because black and white are the most prevalent non-colors purchased by shoe collectors or even ordinary people, they will most likely have the most outfit alternatives. As a result, your styling options will be determined by the event and the aesthetic you really want to create. Classic black, for example, may bring majesty, elegance, and legacy to an ensemble, while white expresses crisp elegance and sophistication.

Black and white shoes, such as court heels and loafers, may be paired with formal or office clothes, such as dress slacks, pencil skirts, and a crisp dark-toned jacket. Casual everyday or weekend wear in casual denim and a basic graphic t-shirt can pair with Adidas women’s sneakers in black and white or complement a crafted style. You may also embrace retro-chic fashion by pairing black boots with stockings or white boots with a maxi skirt.

2. Bright Yellow, Orange, And Red


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Vibrant shoe colors are designed to stand out on their own, so make them a highlight piece by wearing them with more modest attire. As a result, your shoes will be the main attraction of your attire. If you have a pair of shoes in fire engine red, mango orange, or sunny yellow, you may style them with white, grey A-line skirts, or plain blue denim.


Instead, if you want your shoes and clothing to stand out in a color block, make sure all of the colors are as vibrant as possible. Neon-yellow kitten heels, for example, may flare out against beautiful violet high-waisted jeans. If you’re going to color-block, avoid wearing black because it will dull the contrast. Moreover, colorful shoes complement flowy materials, so consider harem jeans, ankle-length skirts, and airy, light-lay jackets.

3. Metallic Silver And Gold

Because they are the colors of drama, luxury, flair, and evening elegance, they should be paired with formal evening clothes for a spectacular night out. If you have shiny metallic silver and gold shoes, they could possibly be gorgeous sandals with vintage block heels or a one-of-a-kind pair of classy sneakers. Some exceptional shoes include one metallic element, such as a silver heel or midsole.

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In either case, your shoes require apparel that will make them shine. Consider putting together an outfit that includes a knee-length rosy gold sequined dress and a matching cotton jacket. Normal gold shoes will work with any matte black cocktail evening dress and a plethora of accessories.

So, consider nautical-themed clothing such as blue and white striped shirts or cute spring dungarees. Lime green and white sneakers are a trendy choice to wear with a black or white sporty dress, shorts, or skirt. There’s also the suggestion to wear your demure-colored shoes with a military-style sage green piece that can be a jacket or cargo shorts. If you’re a true fashionista who prefers a smarter look, pair your shiny silver shoes with a basic navy-blue blazer dress or custom-tailored pantsuit.

4. Vibrant blue, purple, and green

Shoes in more conservative hues like blue, purple, and green can be worn with modest clothes like royal blue jeans or a raspberry summer dress. These hues look best when combined with white or ‘washed out’ colors in your attire.

5. Beige And Brown

While the shoes are meant to stretch your legs, make them seem smaller, and add dimension to your outfit, the neutral tones are also incredibly flexible. They are designed to go with every hue and type of clothing. To make the most of your neutrals, choose clothing that either contrasts the colors or is in the same tonal range.

Shoes in beige or shades of beige, such as hazy rose and baby pink, would appear exquisite when worn with a flowy pink bridal gown. Wear them with fitted cargo trousers and a tucked-in white top, especially if the beige shoes match your skin tone.



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What to wear with each shoe color is determined by how you infuse color into your outfit. Dark and natural-toned shoes are generic hues that may be donned with everything from professional to informal outfits. Even if you’ve bought the brighter and bolder ones, consider using color theory to match them to items in your closet or outfits you want to buy in the future. This ensures you have something to wear with all of your shoes so they don’t clash with your outfit.

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