What to wear to the beach in 2021?

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I know it is not the perfect weather to discuss the beach. But I know some of us are already excited for next year’s summer. Also, some of us don’t have winter season because they are living in a tropical country. This means they only have two seasons- Rainy days and Sunny days. Other than a cute bikini or one-piece, what outfits do you wear to the beach?! Seriously. This question really is not yet answered.

Sure, we all done swimsuits and sunnies while sitting on the sand, but sometimes, you’re in need of something a little more. For times when you’re unsure of what the hell to wear while leaping away from (or into, depending on the situation) the incoming tides, it’s always best to turn to the experts. By this, of course, I mean bloggers, influencers, fashionistas, and the like. They’re here to show us all a thing or two about how to dress when you’re headed to the beach.

If you are struggling to figure out the best way to pack your bags before you head on vacation and, unless, are most likely stuck with whatever you threw in your suitcase, this little guide is for you.

Worry less! I’ve got you covered. I search for 10 cute outfit ideas to save your days of vacation.


     Courtesy of SHEIN

A perfect way to cover up your legs from direct sunlight. You can buy this in SHEIN.


2.  Minidress


Courtesy of Pinterest

Minidress with laced back. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles online.

3.  Crop Top and Shorts Set

Courtesy of Pinteresst

Floral terno for beach outing comes in tons of colors. My favorite part about packing a two-piece set for my next beach day? They make getting dressed so easy. My favorite part about packing a two-piece set for my next beach day? They make getting dressed so easy.


4. Rose Red and White Dots Mid-length Chiffon Cardigan

Courtesy of Ahlabuy.com

Gorgeous and semi-exposed swimwear when you wear this.


5.  White Dress

Courtesy of Carousell

I am easily attracted to white dresses especially when someone wears them at the beach.


6. Chambray Dress

Courtesy to Sydne Style

Chambray Dress matched with Wedge and a Totti bag


7. Romper

Courtesy of Pinterest

Comfy to wear.

8. Jumpsuit

Courtesy of Emma Louise Boutique

Cotton linen fabric and straight silhouette.


9. Denim Shorts with Kimono

  Courtesy of VICI

You, and the Sea Tassel Kimono.


10. Maxi Skirt with Tank Top

Courtesy of The Motheroic

Simple and lightweight outfit.

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