What To Wear When It Rains! A Complete Rainy Season Clothing Guide

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Who doesn’t appreciate the monsoon or rainy season? Nothing beats sitting by the window and sipping hot tea as it rains outside. This tranquillity, however, vanishes as soon as you leave your home. Not only that, but you should also adjust your clothes and beauty habits during the monsoon season.

Speaking about clothing, it goes without saying that your sundresses and little shorts would be useless during the rainy season. However, even if it is no longer sunny, the heat and humidity can still cause excessive perspiration. In such weather, it is critical to invest in breathable textiles that can keep you dry and cool. Confused? Don’t be like that! Here’s a comprehensive reference to all there is to know about your monsoon fashion:

Fabrics During The Rainy Season

Fabrics During The Rainy Season


Cotton for rainy season

Choosing the right textiles for the rainy season might be difficult. Here are several fabrics to consider during the monsoon season:



cotton for rainy season 2

Cotton is, without a doubt, the ideal monsoon fabric. It’s lightweight, breathable, and dries rapidly. Natural textiles with minimal absorbency, such as cotton and mulmul, are ideal for the rainy season. You can wear a cotton T-shirt with denim shorts or a colourful kurta with leggings. Whatever you choose, make sure it is not body-hugging or you will sweat profusely.


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denim for rainy season

Denim may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of monsoon-friendly comfy clothes, but it is a practical alternative for the season. Denim clothes are fashionable, and you can wear a tiny dress or shorts with a shoulder-padded top.

Pro tip: Don’t wash your denim too frequently. Since drying is a challenge in monsoons, the fabric might get wet and fragile.



Khadi for rainy season

Monsoons and natural materials are a perfect mix! Khadi is a lightweight, breathable fabric that does not crumple and dries rapidly. It’s also stylish and appropriate for the office and beyond.

Pro tip: Always wash your khadi clothing in cold water and gently.

Blends Like Rayon


blends like rayon for rainy season

If cotton isn’t your thing, why not try rayon instead? Aside from being light and airy, the fabric has a slight sheen to it. For your coffee date with the girls, wear a rayon midi dress and accessorise with a denim jacket or a trendy belt.

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To avoid a musty odour from your clothes, store camphor balls in your closet.

How To Style Your Rainy Season Clothes?


How To Style Your Rainy Season Clothes

It’s a little tough, but not too difficult, to style your rainy-day clothing. If you don’t like shorts or small dresses, midi skirts are a great alternative. Midi culottes, kurtas, and Bermuda shorts look great in the rain. Also, instead of wearing neutrals, choose bright colours that will put you in a better mood in the gloomy weather. Also, avoid using whites because you don’t want to stain them permanently.

To combat the drab and grey weather, opt for brighter colours. Yellow, orange, canary yellow, bright green, and fuchsia pink are all good colours to have in your outfit.

Tips To Accessories


Tips To Accessories

Accessories can make or ruin an outfit. Accessorise your otherwise dull outfits with brightly coloured accessories. Make sure your bags, jewels, and watches are watertight or they will become ruined. Wear statement neckpieces, beaded bracelets, and long earrings with little jewellery. Also, avoid wearing metallic jewellery because moisture might dull its lustre.

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