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There has been plenty of speculation around the subject matter of the next Barbie movie, but little has been officially confirmed. According to rumors, Schumer’s rendition of the movie would have shown Barbie being expelled from the ideal society she lives in because she isn’t perfect enough before navigating a real-world adventure. 

The deceivingly comfy Barbie sneakers

Look aside from the dolls’ feet, they’re always arched. Who says Barbie can’t give orthopedic health top priority? Running through the Barbie movie premiere through the Oppenheimer show is best done in these Reeboks (IYKYK). These hot pink shoes are stylish and comfortable thanks to a thick midsole that absorbs impact with each step.

The done-up Barbie dress

In the summer, a halter dress exudes a particular vibe that is at once carefree and polished. This satin cocktail dress’ fluid, A-line shape is elegant, carefree, and a decidedly sophisticated alternative to the typically loud Barbie clothing options available. Were you aware it was on sale?

black and white stripe mini-dress

Margot Robbie’s Hervé Leger black and white stripe mini-dress, which made reference to the original Barbie, who worn a similar-looking swimsuit, was one of her best looks on the now-famous press tour. In this striped bikini, emulate the original doll like her stylist David Mukamal did. Wear it as a bodysuit with jeans, or take a chance and go full beachfront Barbie.

In order to retake Barbieland, Barbie, Gloria, or her daughter Sasha team up to confront the brainwashed Barbies in the last scene of Barbie. After the Kens went against one another, the Barbies decided not to amend the constitution, which resulted in the demise of Kendom and the restoration of Barbieland, with a few modifications, such as the placement of some Kens in lower courts. The “truth about the universe” has the drawback of being chaotic and having fatalities. Barbie never dies and is never a mess. She even never ages. Gerwig seems to be using this purportedly incongruous truth as a starting point to analyze the fabrication we’ve created around Barbie as a representation of idealized femininity. We are finally able to be certain about the movie’s subject matter now that Barbie has opened in theaters: Barbie as portrayed by Margot Robbie sets out into the “Real World” to discover which unfortunate person is to blame for her malfunctions. Along the process, she gains knowledge about her origins, the moral ramifications of life and death, and the complex relationship between feminism and patriarchy.

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