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As we prepare for the July 21 debut of Greta Gerwig’s live-action adaption of Barbie starring Margot Robbie, fashion is brimming with Mattel references. Fortunately, before our favorite doll reaches the big screen, there’s a plethora of ways to shop like her. There’s an on-theme Barbie dress out there for you, whether you’re harnessing your Kenergy, wanting to reference dolls from the past, or just really adore bright pink (which, is relatable). FASHION has curated our favorite selections for putting together the perfect Barbiecore ensemble.

The toy-like Barbie bag

A plastic purse screams “Barbie World. This two-toned pink or orange vinyl purse is vivid and lively, like a toy item coming to life. It is handcrafted in Canada and preserves the franchise’s charming nostalgia while wrapping all of your items (lipgloss, wallets, dolls) with a convenient snap closure.

The cozy Barbie uniform

Even if you’re a doll, you need to be comfortable. This romper combines all of Barbie’s fashionable characteristics with a breezy design that is excellent for hectic summer activities. This made-in-Canada one-piece is ideal for on-the-go movie viewings, with modest pockets, an open back cut-out, and an ultra-soft fabric


The effortless Barbie shades

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Barbie dream car, but we can all have the greatest sunglasses for top-down convertible riding. These rectangular sunglasses with a ’90s vibe have the sweetest baby pink colored lenses that offer almost 100% UV protection. Additionally, they are portable and lightweight, making them a fantastic accompaniment for travel.

Barbie is actually a critically acclaimed film with a deep and endearing tale and outstanding acting from Margot Robbie or Ryan Gosling, despite nasty remarks on fan-made posters. The negative reviews for Barbie only serve to enhance its coolness. Robbie’s Barbie dons a navy short dress with a white collar with a white ribbon on top of her skull as she decides to leave Barbie Land. The teaser depicts Ken and Barbie traveling in a variety of clothes as they make their way to the real world. Last but not least, the roller skating, vintage Barbie dress that is seen in the film is undoubtedly the most recognizable outfit option. Visit the New York Post’s Buying section for additional information. All the current Barbiecore hues are combined with a diagonal striped design in this maxi dress. The soft knit material is ideal for watching movies in a theater.

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