What To Wear On A Runway Fashion Show

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I just finished watching a runway fashion show and I was inspired to write on What To Wear On A Runway Fashion Show. I haven’t been on a runway fashion show before and as a fashion lover, it is my dream to watch a runway fashion show of a famous designer all over the world.


Have you ever imagined walking down the street of Paris with this style? I mean layered on the layered kind of look. It’s a basic and chic style that you can roam around Paris and maybe take a picture in sparkling view of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a combo of a turtle neck and skinny jeans paired with a long autumn dress. The satchel bag and the shoes look amazing as well as the hairdo which gives highlight to the whole outfit.


Speaking about highlight, how about this look for a runway show? The silver accessory for the clothing is so lit! I’ve seen a lot of celebrities wearing that and I think it’s so cute for a fashion show. It looks great on a dress as well. 


The best street style look! I love the layer combination and the boot. Anyone can wear this for a fashion week. It’s modern and a trend plus that corset adds spice to the whole outfit. I would wear that style on a fashion show.


Remember this red dress worn by Emily in Emily In Paris? Yep, it’s the same style and it looks so classy that you can wear it to a fashion show. It’s your chance to feel like cinderella on the show so grab it and feel the fire of fashion with this look.


Do you think this style can pass for a street fashion show or on the runway? Well, yes it is! Emily is such a fashion inspo when it comes to styling. The trench coat that matches the headscarf gives an 80’s vibe of fashion. The color combination of the dress to the whole outfit is such a plus point as well as the sunglasses.


If you want to look classy and elegant on a runway fashion show this style is for you. A ruffle cocktail dress is so pretty especially if you paired it with heels.

The runway fashion show is a dream for someone like me who loves fashion. If only I can show you all the example photos of runway fashion show outfits then I would.  If I would be given a chance to attend a runway fashion show I will make sure that I wear the best outfit. It’s not every day we attend events like fashion shows. How about you?

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By Belle Willow

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