What to wear for a wedding?

A wedding is something where everyone wants to look completely flawless especially the bride. I’d like to show some of the Pakistani traditional dresses as well as Indian. Let’s check it out!


Shalwar kameez is a Pakistani traditional dress and it’s common all over in Pakistan. For a wedding, It is like a heavy embroidered shirt and shalwar (for the bottom) with heavy jewelry so that you can look stunning at the wedding.



Pishwaas is like a long frock that you’ll want to wear for a wedding if you love traditions and cultures. The way you wear it with, the more you will look beautiful.


Sari is an Indian traditional dress. Color combination for this sari also matters so that one can outshine.


Here’s a short and quick view of some traditional dresses. If you want me to post more please lemme know. I’d love to receive your feedback.

By: Ak

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