What To Pair On ‘Turtleneck Outfits’?

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Hello, Fashionistas of Earth and beyond. So, I have been thinking about, what the next blog post should be, and I scrolled through my gallery and found what caught my attention; Turtlenecks. I’m still not sure whether it’s called Turtleneck or to-the-neck, but let’s just leave it at that.

Now we know, that most times, turtlenecks are worn because of the cold, and other times, because it looks so classy and stylish, that you can’t just help but want to wear them. I love wearing it to work because honestly, my lab is so cold that, my neck begins to freeze (figuratively). So, here’s a bit on how to wear and style turtlenecks.

1. On Jeans…

Turtleneck on jeans

Tucking in our turtlenecks has become a style we cannot deny, so how about making sure, it’s safe in jeans? Jean trousers, make sure your shape comes out and also give you a look of confidence. As you will be all covered up, you will go out looking, decent and stylish. You can also choose a cropped to-the-neck top(the same thing, I know) on the Jeans, like in the pictures above. Pairing your outfit with sneakers, canvas, or heels, is a choice you’re gonna have to make depending on your style. I just use flat shoes (sue me).

2. On Skirts…


Turtleneck on skirts

Color, pattern, and style are all a part of fashion, but what is important, is how they go together. Pairing, your turtleneck top or shirt with any style of skirt, is another fashion tip. It can be on the long or short flowing shirt, fitted jean skirts, or even on normal straight skirts. What’s great about them, is that you can wear them anywhere. For example, One beautiful Monday, I decided, to pair my wine-colored to-the-neck top, with my wine-colored pleated flare skirt and matched it with black flats. It looked amazing.

3. On Pantsuits. 

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Turtleneck on pansuit

I think that women can rock anything, but the pantsuit is also a good way to pair the to-the-neck top. It can be paired with its matching suits, blazers, or even just a jacket, to make you look even more professional but stylish. Open your wardrobe, and for example; pick out your black T-neck top, navy-blue pantsuit, and its matching blazer, and style it with your heels or black shoe(that’s what I’m gonna wear on Monday, lol). Look great and professional at the same time. Another thing to note is the color combination. It is known, in the fashion world to pair three colors at most together in an outfit… more than three is considered, a color riot… even though, we don’t care nowadays. Still, it’s good to pay attention to that.

4. As Gowns…


Turtleneck as gowns

The two dressing styles I love most, are gowns and jeans… Once in a while, I wear skirts but imagine the beauty you will be in a T-neck gown outfit. Either flare, flowing, fitted, long or short, gowns are simply, just beautiful. The best thing about it is, that you can have them tailor-sown, to your shape, size, and style of choice. Ankara is also one of the many materials that bring out the beauty of the T-neck.

5. Lastly, As sweaters or sweatshirts.


Turtleneck as sweater or sweatshirts

Yep, you can decide to go to the boutique and choose from many selections, including the sweat styles of T-neck. They are not so rampant but that just adds to rarity styles. In times, of immense cold, I recommend this.

Many people have their Fashion sense, but let’s keep in mind, that you do not have to wear fewer clothes to be considered beautiful or stylish. The right choice of outfits, and pairing, bring out your outer beauty. So, Choose your style today.

Later Fashionistas… 

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