We all know that glasses and goggles add a beautiful, handsome, charming, and alluring look. Similarly, there are different types of optics that enhance and glorify our beauty and attractive facial look. These different types include “aviator, round or circular, oval, cat-eye, butterfly, sports, square and oversized glasses” etc. We wear glasses for a number of reasons including saving our eyes from scorching beams of sunlight, swimming, riding a bike, or even doing any professional work.

In the world of fashion and beauty, we wear glasses for a particular style, trend, fashion, look, and dashing personality. However, we often don’t know which particular type of goggles are best suited for our face look and structure. Therefore, in this blog, I have suggested some specific sunglasses as per your specific face look and structure. Let’s now read and know the importance of the best suiting glasses for you so that your beauty and fashion may give a perfect look for you.

Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape:

The best possible sunglasses for oval face shapes are oversized, aviator, and retro-shaped ones. Because oval faces are longer in length as compared to their width, therefore, any pair of glasses that is round and shady or even thick-framed will definitely add to your face beauty.

Sunglasses For Heart Like Face Shape:

If you observe keenly you find the narrowest point of any heart-like shaped face at the very jawline level. Therefore anything that is sporty in glasses will perfectly match your face look. Similarly, cat-eye and retro-shaped sunglasses will exactly complement your gorgeous look. Again thick frames will perfectly work for you with deep shapes and multi-colors.


Sunglasses For Circular or Round Face Shape:

Whenever we observe any round or circular face, we find that it is widest at the cheekbone level and narrowest at the forehead and jawline bones level. Therefore anything that is rectangular in shape or even angular and oversized will perfectly complement the circular or round face. In other words, angular, oversized, and rectangular sunglasses will give a very sexy and attractive look.

Glasses For Rectangular or Oblong Face Shape:

Oblong or rectangular faces are called those faces which have a very wide forehead, cheekbones, and a very strong jaw bone. Hence any soft and thin frame sunglasses that are round, aviator, and shield type will definitely complement and beautify your face look. Goggles that have soft lines or rimless edges will give you a very positive and attractive personality look in this regard.

Glasses For Diamond Face Shape:

The diamond face shape has angular and edgy features. Cheekbones are very wide with narrow foreheads. The diamond face has always a pointed chin. Always choose oversized, wayfarer, and aviator sunglasses shapes with thick and heavy frames. Keep in mind that never choose anything that is perfectly round sunglasses as it will give you a dull and bad face look.

Goggles For Square Face Shape:

Square faces are called those face shapes that have the same and equal length and width (forehead and cheekbone) along with strong jaw bones and soft edges. Any type of glasses that are round, oval, and cat-eye with thick and deep frames will excellently match your face look. People with square faces always prefer round and aviator frames with multi-color and shady frames.


Sunglasses are one of the fashion items we need to have on a regular basis for a number of reasons. Similarly, sunglasses are required for having protection to our eyes from sunlight, dust particles light reflections, etc. We also wear sunglasses on different occasions, programs, parties, and regular visits to work and market places, etc.

In every single place where we go, people do judge our personality by our outlook and fashion style. Therefore, we must have proper fitting sunglasses as per our face structure, shape, and outlook. This will certainly add extra exposure to our attractive and decent look.

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