What Prom Dresses to Wear And What Not to Wear

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The word prom is short for promenade, originally an event for college students. It has grown to include many classes and is considered the formal event of the year for many students.  In this article, you will get to know about Prom dresses; what to wear, where to wear them, and how to wear them. Let’s discuss it.

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list of Dress you should not wear to Prom

Anything that reveals your body, boobs, or anything which is you should not show in public. No cleavage on cleavage. Nobody wants to see your boobs or butt in Prom. some college has Prom dress codes.

 you should not wear a T-Shirt or any Casual dress like a skirt or t-shirt or jeans top or tees this type of dress is not allowed on Prom Night there is some dress code which college gives you! according to the matching party theme.

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Suit sari that is too small or big you don’t have to wear

A clown costume or a custom disguised as anything like cinderella or a witch are not allowed to wear on Prom night. don’t scare the shit out of people that Prom night just no Clown Custome.

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Another dress that is Halloween dress this same applies you should not wear this is your fun day, not Halloween day

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just don’t embarrass yourself for that night. don’t wear funny look dresses or multicolored dress outfits.

What to Wear at Prom Night

Funky patterns. Keep it a simple, elegant, and one-color outfit. Don’t wear crazy patterns or multicolored outfits. Floral dresses are fine for prom.

Aline gowns or One piece that looks decent according to school or college dress code will be good. will give you a classic look. go bold by choosing a red gown or a Black gown.

you can also go for a Floral Type dress frilly type of dress and floral prints will give you all the rage.

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