What Makes Tanzanite Rings A Key To Her Heart?

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Women often make quirky and mischievous demands, don’t they? Well, she’s not here, so you can just nod. Anyway, so this time it’s tanzanite rings. Well, I must tell you that she’s got a wonderful taste in jewelry, a peculiar one. Coming to the elephant in the room, the answer to the big question begins with the story of a Masai tribesman named Abu Juuyawatu.

It all began in the year 1967 when Abu Juuyawatu hit on a cluster of intense violet-to-blue crystals in Mererani hills in Tanzania. The tribesman contracted an Indian tailor and prospector named Manuel de Souza, who then registered four mining claims like a scalded cat, believing that he had found a colorful deposit of sapphire.

Little did the local fortune hunter know that he had found one of the world’s newest and rarest gems – tanzanite. Later, the gemstone was introduced to the world by Tiffany & Co. in 1968. The company named the gemstone -Tanzanite- after the country it was found. The retail giant even promoted the gemstone with a big publicity campaign.

Mesmerizing Color

What came next was meant to happen, the gemstone’s brilliant color found its list of admirers almost overnight. From leading jewelry designers to customers who had a thirst for rather unusual and exciting gems, tanzanite tickled the fancies of lovers of gemstones in a trice. Tanzanite’s high clarity and vivid blue and purple colors were the reasons behind the gemstone’s instant popularity.

Tanzanite Rings

While tanzanite’s rich colors were already sufficient enough to capture the hearts of everyone, the gemstone’s strong pleochroism increased its stakes even higher. In today’s times, the market for tanzanite jewelry is continuously witnessing an upwards trend. Tanzanite is the first choice among trendy artists and women who have got wonderful taste in jewelry.

But the reason for this inclination isn’t only the beauty of tanzanite but there’s something more to it than meets the eye…

Rarity: A Boon Or Curse?

Tanzanite is an extremely rare gemstone. Before you start underestimating the gemstone’s rarity, let me tell you that tanzanite is rarer than diamond. Yes, that is correct! To be precise, tanzanite is said to be a thousand times rarer than diamond. Contrary to the latter, which has so many mines across the globe, the former is only found in one place in the world – Tanzania.


Moreover, you’d be shocked to know that in spite of the fact that tanzanite has only one source in the world, the gemstone remains an affordable option and sells for far less than diamond. Tanzanite’s extreme rarity can be attributed to the gemstone’s unknown status apart from its relatively recent discovery.

Time’s Running Out

Tanzanite was formed during the mid-Ediacaran period around 585 million years ago. It was formed by immense plate tectonic activity and intense heat. According to a local Tanzanian gemologist, the set of conditions that led to the formation of tanzanites was so exceptional, that the chances of finding these gemstones elsewhere on earth would be nothing but a stroke of luck.

Furthermore, considering the current rate of mining, the gemologist even estimates that the available supply of tanzanites will be depleted within a period of 25 years. That’s why tanzanite is also known as the ‘gem of a generation. I bet you thought tanzanite was just another rare and precious gemstone. Well, as I said, there’s something more to tanzanite than meets the eye.

Tanzanite is a rare bird that’s running against the clock, which primarily is the very reason why she is so keen to get a tanzanite ring. Now is the right time to buy any type of tanzanite jewelry because, with the rapidly growing popularity of tanzanite, there’s no doubt in saying that the gemstone’s prices will skyrocket in the upcoming years.

Therefore, it’s about time you gave her a tanzanite ring. In this article, I have prepared a list of 5 tanzanite rings with diamonds that will never fail to excite her curiosities. These are listed here.

Heart-Shaped Three Stone Tanzanite Ring

Heart-shaped rings are a cut above the rest. They effortlessly convey countless emotions of love and passion. And if the center stone is tanzanite, the ensemble looks even more beautiful. This thoughtfully designed tanzanite ring features an intense tanzanite surrounded by two accent diamonds.

Tanzanite Rings heart shape

Together, the three of them symbolize the past, present, and future of your incredible love story. The ring’s center stone is firmly secured with four rounded prongs and one V prong that looks sleek and appealing. Time to win her heart all over again with this heart-shaped tanzanite ring!

Pear-Shaped Tanzanite Ring


Tanzanite Rings pear shape

This pear-shaped tanzanite ring is an irresistible jewelry piece that she’ll adore all her life. Embellished with a bypass shank that’ll never fail to seize the attention of the beholders, this tanzanite ring will best adorn her delicate finger. If she likes her jewelry to be dramatic, believe me, this tanzanite ring is the one for her.

Cushion-Shaped Tanzanite Ring


Tanzanite Rings cushion shape

The sheer simplicity and elegance that this tanzanite ring exhibits are beyond comparison. Vivid blue tanzanite sits securely in its place with six prongs that allow the gemstone to be in the spotlight all the time. Gifting your love this cushion-shaped tanzanite ring will surely make her fall in love with you again. You should definitely opt for this cushion-shaped tanzanite ring if the woman you love wants something classic with a pinch of luxury.

Round-Shaped Halo Tanzanite Ring


Tanzanite Rings round shape

A round-shaped halo tanzanite ring is your best bet if she wouldn’t mind some added shimmer. Decorated with a fascinating shank that tricks the eyes of them all by giving the appearance of two bands, this tanzanite ring is full of mystery, and is an ode to the thing of beauty that tanzanite is. The small accent diamonds that encircle the center stone are a treat for the eyes.

Double Claw Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Ring


Tanzanite Rings double claw

This tanzanite ring is the epitome of power and appeal. Thoughtfully crafted with four double-claw prongs that make sure that the center stone never misses catching the light, this ring will truly suit your significant other’s solid personality.


By Eric

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