What Makes Diamonds An Excellent Choice For Engagement Rings?

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One cannot help but agree that diamond is a beautiful and gleaming stone that stands for unwavering love and devotion. And that’s not all there is to it. This gemstone also represents loyalty and commitment. For as long as we can remember, diamond engagement rings have been popular as a symbol of eternal love. What more fitting manner than with this priceless stone to express your everlasting dedication to a relationship? Having said that, have a look at the following reasons that make diamonds the ideal jewel for engagement rings.

Stands for love

People usually don’t wear their diamond rings every other day as they do with most other jewelry. Whether they are going out for a workout session or running an errand, people prefer leaving their priceless diamond rings at home. That’s because diamonds are not as practical as other jewelry.

They are special and hold a deeper meaning. Diamonds stand for loyalty and love, two qualities that a couple should work to nurture throughout their whole relationship.

Durable material

Although it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all diamonds are created the same, in terms of hardness, they have a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about damaging the gemstone so easily.

diamond engagement rings 1

A platinum ring might cost you less than a diamond. However, neglect in care can cause it to lose its luster. Diamond, on the other hand, is one of nature’s toughest materials and will probably last longer. Always remember that diamonds are more heirloom-worthy than other gemstones if you intend to pass your engagement ring down through generations.


Diamonds still remain rare despite being extracted from the depths of the Earth. Every year, the processing of diamond ore amounts to about 130 million carats. Yet, only around 20 million carats of those produce diamonds with gem quality. Due to their rarity, diamonds have turned into a symbol of loyalty and genuine love.

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Offers excellent returns on investment

There are two key benefits that a diamond has over others rings as customers grow increasingly financially wise. Diamonds make excellent investments.

More and more people are having a demand for these rings with only a limited stock in supply. It clearly means that there will be a surge in the value of diamonds in the near future. Second, gifts of engagement rings are not taxable as income because they are not treated as property or assets.

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Diamonds are without a shadow of a doubt the most desirable option when it comes to selecting the ideal gemstone for your engagement ring. Even lab-created diamonds, when produced appropriately, have a timeless feel and appearance. They will appear to be entirely natural.

In addition to being the most sought-after jewel for engagement rings, diamonds also happen to be the ideal choice for wedding or anniversary bands. This gemstone never fails to offer a timeless appeal, whether you have one or multiple diamond stones in the ring.

Higher symbolic value than other gemstones

Diamonds represent endless love, and that’s one of the primary reasons they are such a common option for engagement rings. Diamond engagement rings have been popular since the Victorian age and continue to hold their significance intact.

Giving your loved one a diamond ring will help them understand that it’s your way of expressing your desire to be with that person forever.

Choices are available for all budgets

Another great reason to love and go for a diamond ring for your engagement is the flexible budget and choices available. Simple diamond bands are affordable for those on a limited budget to symbolize their vow to marriage.

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Nevertheless, for those with extra money to spend, there are stunning, remarkable rings that will perfectly capture their significant other’s style. Finding something unique and unforgettable for your significant one that complements their taste is the key to buying an engagement ring.

Everlasting appeal

A diamond ring is classic, unlike a necklace or pair of earrings. These pieces never go out of style and always enhance the beauty of your hand. Even when fashion trends change, you will not have to bother updating your rings. However, you can take comfort in the fact that each item is unique and still sparkles as beautifully as the day you first put it on.

Beautiful appearance

It’s crucial to remember that women share men’s perceptions that engagement rings are symbols of purity and loyalty. Diamonds are among the world’s most valuable jewels. Additionally, they are highly sought after due to their extraordinarily high value-to-weight ratio. Alternatively put, diamond rings look beautiful.

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Initially, you might not find enough reasons to purchase a diamond engagement ring. However, there are a lot more than you might realize. With good purpose, diamonds are the traditional option for engagement rings. Check out the diamond rings collection at GemsNY and surprise your beloved with a gift they will never forget!

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