What it Means to Wear a Black Choker: 7 Deep Facts

Black Choker symbolism
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Black Choker is among the most famous accessories in the entire world. In fact, it is one of the cheapest and the easiest to install in place as well as being very versatile. As I always tell you guys, fashion is a reflection of morals and what is happening in the larger society. It has always been a reflection of our personal expression, individuality, and who truly we are. The black choker is one of the iconic fashion symbols of our times. Today we look at the deep-rooted meanings behind the black choker. I hope you will be impressed by this article. Take a look:

1. Black choker as a symbol of mourning: Black Choker

Probably you were not aware of this one, right? Black choker has often been related to various cultures across the globe. In the 19th century, it was worn by women as a symbol of mourning to commemorate the loss of a loved one. Thus, it has been often associated with protection, social status, and spirituality. Now you know.

Black Choker symbolism

2. As a symbol of feminine Rebellion:

In the late 90s, the black choker has often been used as a fashion staple, especially among young women. It was used as a sign of rebellion against the traditional beauty standards of those times. Ladies thought of embracing darker and edgier aesthetics. The choker being very simply allowed the wearer to shine and thus stood out to make a bold statement.

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3. Black Choker as an Emblem of Subcultures: Black Choker

Beyond fashion and its significance, the black choker is known for holding a significant meaning in various subcultures. In some tribes and subcultures, they have a specific type of black choker that is worn on the neck by the members to signify a sense of belonging as well as solidarity with the like-minded individuals affiliated with them.

4. As a sign of sensuality and sexuality:

The black choker is placed in one of the most sensitive places of the body, the neck. Definitely, it will enhance its allure. Experts have proven that wearing a black choker adds a touch of eroticism and is a strong sign of declaration of one’s desires.

sexy Black Choker

5. The dark meaning of the black choker: Black Choker

Here comes the deep part. For some time now, the black choker has been linked to deep emotions, with the bearers being linked to a willingness to confront darker aspects of life. Scarcely, right?

6. Black choker as a trend:

All said and done, the black chocker remains one of the most versatile pieces of modern fashion. It can be paired with a number of outfits to add that sophisticated look.


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