What Is The Trendy Barbiecore Aesthetic

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You have seen Barbiecore aesthetic on the internet worn by celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Gigi Hadid, and Kim Kardashian to name a few without even realizing it. Let’s, explore what exactly the Barbiecore aesthetic is all about.

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What Is Barbiecore Aesthetic?

Barbiecore aesthetic is anything inspired by the fabulous world of Barbie dolls. This aesthetic mostly is about pink, pink, and pinker. It is monochromatic and simple, but still over the top and mostly hot pink and bubblegum pink are used for achieving its trademark look. Matching shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories are imperative for the look.

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Where Did This Aesthetic Originate From?

Barbie has been a style icon since the 1950s and has been setting trends with her pink aesthetic for multiple generations which has become the base for today’s “Barbiecore” aesthetic. The trend skyrocketed after Valentino showcased their fall 2022 collection. whereas, Style stars like Zendaya, Billy Porter, and Nicola Peltz have all rocked Valentino neon pink looks.

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With A-listers and designers, all-embracing the bubbly and fun spirit of the Barbiecore aesthetic it is safe to assume that it’s a trend that can be added to your wardrobe.

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