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The soft girl aesthetic can be defined as a deliberately feminine look that features a lot of pinks, pastel shades, and glitter. There is a huge emphasis placed on makeup and accessories, whereas the style is influenced by other light aesthetics like the coastal grandmother, cottagecore, and 90’s trends.

soft girl aesthetic 1

The soft girl aesthetic clothing can range from white pleated tennis skirts with white tanks or crop tops to oversized hoodies and sweatshirts with cutesy graphics. There is a lot of baggy clothing involved like cardigans and knee-high socks used as the style plays and it explores and works around with fluffy and dreamlike textures to achieve its overall goal of a soft look.

soft girl aesthetic 2

The accessories used in the aesthetic are maximalist like chunky or cute layer necklaces and in some cases, childlike with hairclips and jewellery that have butterflies, teddy bears, or flower motifs. The soft girl look pairs well with chunky white sneakers, retro bucket hats, and beaded necklaces. Some take the delicate and hyperfeminine feel to the next level with a baguette bag. In many cases, they use accessories that are usually enamel or plastic and are in bright colours that contrast the muted tones of the outfits.

soft girl aesthetic 3

The soft girl aesthetic is an over-exaggeration of the things that teen girls have been devalued and ridiculed for loving. This aesthetic openly appreciates a soft look and the look differs from individual to individual where they add their version of the soft girl look whether that is cute bags or hairclips. Therefore, making the style more personal.

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The soft girl aesthetic is mostly adopted by teens and it rose to popularity in 2019 with the introduction of TikTok trends. the soft girl is an amalgamation of many different influences like Kawaii and anime, the Bratz dolls, etc. but the soft girl aesthetic’s main defining trait is that it celebrates all things that are considered cute and girly.

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Ariana Grande is perhaps considered the most famous soft girl as she embodies a lot of what the aesthetic is about as she is considered unapologetic and sexy while maintaining a soft and cute style.

The Soft girl aesthetic outfits are defined by feminine and dreamlike pieces, including milkmaid dresses, crop tops, denim jeans, pleated skirts, tie cardigans, and floral or heart prints. This aesthetic encourages individuals to bring out softness in their style and let, people, explore different ways to express themselves.

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By: Sukreeti Anand

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By Sukreeti Anand


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