A couple of days ago, I had a chance to meet and have a chat with a gorgeous old lady. She had been remaining so attractive and beautiful over the ages. I anxiously asked her about the hidden secrets behind her beauty. It had remained the talk of the town during her age of youthfulness. Surprisingly she told me that proper and regular use of water is the only hidden secret behind her beauty. She then told me some useful tips about water and its effect on beautiful and elastic skin. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF WATER IN SKIN’S BEAUTY?

These tips are discussed but before discussing these vital tips, let’s know the importance of water first. Research witnesses that regular intake of water keeps our body hydrated and refreshed. Proper and regular drinking of water regulates the blood circulation in our body. It eventually plays a very magical role in keeping our skin glowing, flexible, healthy, fresh, clean, and pure.

How to Maintain the Level of Water in Our Body?

The lovely lady told me that one should start taking water early in the morning time. Water always gives us a healthy and fresh look. Particularly, when we drink it early in the morning time but with an empty stomach. She elaborated that one should drink excessive water in the span of the very first two to three hours in the morning time. Similarly, for the rest of the day, one should eat watery things. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF WATER IN SKIN’S BEAUTY?

These things include, lemon, onion, mint, cucumber, orange, ginger, watermelon, grapes, pomegranate, coconut, mango, etc. Basically, these things carry sufficient water.

Prefer Tea Over Juices or Cold-Drinks

The old lady also told me that she preferred tea over packed juices as well as cold drinks. On the other hand, she even used to take some milk for her breakfast and dinner. Tea has no chemical ingredients as compared to juices and cold drinks. Similarly, juices and other drinks contain more sugar and carbohydrates.


Never Drink Too Much Cold Water:

Throughout the discussion, the lady frequently reminded me that try to avoid drinking freezing water as much as I can. Instead, she suggested fresh water for drinking. Another important thing that she disclosed the first time to me was about plastics. She never uses anything made from plastics for drinking water. Instead, she drinks water in a glass pot or a pot made from pure clay or even made from wood. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF WATER IN SKIN’S BEAUTY?

As per the experiences of the old lady, fresh water is the best water for whitening, glowing, smoothening, and purifying the skin. At the same time, freshwater helps in removing any scars, wrinkles, soft lines, and skin aging signs.

Benefits of Hot Water:

During the discussion, the lovely lady told me that she still uses hot water. Particularly, while washing her face a couple of times a day. She believed that washing the face with hot water helps in cleaning any dark spots on the skin. Similarly, hot water also reduces the chances of pimples as well as eliminates all sorts of toxins and skin wastes. The old lady told me that she always wash her skin before going to sleep. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF WATER IN SKIN’S BEAUTY?


She, first of all, washes her face with hot water early in the morning, and later on, she washes her face in the evening time. The gorgeous lady told me that she always cleans her face with hot water before doing any make-up or facial.

How Much Water One Should Drink Daily?

Although I had an answer in my mind before asking this question from that lovely woman. However, I was expecting that she will give me the same answer as per research. Research says that we should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. However, she gave me an interesting answer that it is not necessary that you have to drink water from 2.7 to 3.7 liters daily. Rather, drink water as much as you require daily. She also told me that water works as a medicine for your skin in a number of ways. Therefore, always try to drink more and more water so that your skin and beauty remain long-lasting.



In her final remarks, the lady advised me that water possesses life for your skin and its beauty. Lady told me that the very beauty of your skin lies in its elasticity and flexibility. However, it is only possible when you keep your skin wet with fresh and pure water throughout the day and twenty-four-seven times. She ended the discussion with a line that water is the best ever medicine for our skin. Additionally, water keeps the beauty of skin fresh. Therefore,  the only thing which we require is its natural, pure and fresh use.


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