What Is So Special About The Colombian Emeralds

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The Green emeralds have been a treasure since ancient times, and they are the symbol of royalty and luxury. Especially when talking about the emerald gemstone, which comes from Colombia. These unique varieties of gems are the most beautiful and gorgeous gemstones one can have. Always remember to choose the Colombian emerald, as they are the most coveted gemstone in the world. They have a long history and are even in the trend today as well. You can see people flaunting their jewelry all over their social media. So, if you are curious to learn about them, then read this blog!

Know About Colombian Emeralds

The natural Colombian emerald comes from Colombia and has mystical properties. The kings and queens have worn these gemstones in their crowns and in jewelry forms. It was always said that these gemstones would safeguard their emperor from evil eyes. These were the favorite stones of Queen Cleopatra, as she believed that wearing these crystals could bring growth, intelligence, and good fortune. These Colombian emeralds are found in the Muzo mines, and it is the world’s largest and most valuable specimen. These were even desired by many trading partners across Spain, India, Turkey, and Persia.

Colombian emeralds

Where Are They Found In Colombia?

The real emeralds are found in the mines in the eastern part of the Andes, between the Cundinamarca Boyaca. There are three major mines in Colombia for emeralds, and they are Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor. Chivor is a private mine, whereas the other two are on long-term leases from the government. The emeralds which come out from Chivor are of dark green color, and the Muzo emeralds are grassy green with a little bit of yellow color.

Color Properties

The Natural Colombian emeralds are especially known for their unique color. They are pure green color stones with no other shade. Therefore, they have more chromium in them, which brings the pure, bright, and saturated green color. The glow of this stone is exceptional. Thus, wearing necklaces or rings made with this gemstone can surely make you stand out everywhere. The emeralds are usually given the oil treatment to fill the imperfections and improve their color quality. Colombian emeralds are perfect in themself, and there are fewer chances of giving them treatment. These emeralds are of the highest quality and are of much value and high prices because of their beauty and rarity.

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Styling With Colombian Emeralds

The original emeralds with the perfect green color are must-buy products. They will always enhance your glow and allow you to look gorgeous. When they are set into gold or white gold metal, they are something that nobody can deny buying. From small events to big red carpets, they will enrich your look and make you look attractive. People would surely be turning their heads to see your beautiful emerald crystals.

Take Care Of Your Stone.

Also, always remember to take care of these stones wherever you go. They should be protected from hard substances and chemicals. Otherwise, the originality of the stone can be lost. So, if you want them for a lifetime, taking care of them is really important. Wear the jewelry piece at last while getting ready to protect it from chemicals involved in make-up, perfumes, and other products.

Get the Most Authentic Stone.

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