What is Saree Fashion?

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A saree or sari is actually a piece of cloth that was used by the women’s class to cover their bodies. After ages, this wear became a Saree fashion trend for women, especially from India and surrounding countries. It’s an attire that fits any occasion.

What are the fabrics of Saree?

I will not go deep into the history of Saree here. But, go straight to the topic. From the primitive era, the draping with a piece of cloth can be seen from history. Later, during the Mughal rule in the Indian sub-continent, saree fashion became popular. Especially the silk fabrics. Banarasi crafted with golden & silver work.


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In due course, saree or sari became a fashion garment for the women of the Indian sub-continent.

A saree or sari is specially made of fabrics like silk or cotton. Many byproducts like rayon, polyester, silk-cotton, linen, georgette, chiffon, chinnon, crepe, linen, tissue, jute-silk are being manufactured by the yarns due to heavy demand, and also reducing the cost of the raw material. Even synthetic fibers are used nowadays for making a saree. Costly fabrics are of course the pure silk, raw silk segment, then the pure cotton & linen segment.

What are the types of Sarees?

It is really difficult to describe all sorts of sarees in one go. There are large variations in this segment. Still, I will try to provide some of the pieces of information.

Sarees are mainly manufactured in India & Bangladesh. The names of the sarees generally derive from the place of their manufacturing. Likewise, the famous Banarasi Silk Saree – the name itself specifies that the saree is manufactured in Banaras or Varanasi. South Indian Famous saree Kanjivaram Silk Saree is manufactured in a place called Kanchipuram. Likewise, Mysore Silk Saree from Mysore, Bishnupuri Silk Saree from Bishnupur, West Bengal, Dhakai Jamdani from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Cotki from Cuttak, Orissa, Assam Silk Saree from Assam, Lucknow Chikan Saree from Lucknow, etc.


Other than region-specific, some saree or sari are famous for their quality of work or both. Like Gadwal saree – this saree is famous as traditional wear but very famous for its quality. Pashmina Silk Saree from Kashmir is famous for its work and quality. Khaddi Georgette from Varanasi is a designer segment, famous for its quality with beautiful work. Kantha Stitch Saree is very popular due to the intricate work of hand stitch design all over the body. Chiffon & Net Sarees from Rajasthan & Gujrat are famous for their designer works.

Where will you get a saree to buy from?

In this digital age, it’s not at all a tough thing to buy a saree of your choice from any part of the World. Every seller, re-seller, the manufacturer is building their online selling platforms from where it is really easy to browse category-wise, select the product of your choice and purchase online and get it delivered at your given address. There are thousands of sellers available, you have to select the right pick.

Firstly search for the product you are looking for, get the references for SERP. Select the top of the best-rated online saree shopping sites. Select your product and make the purchase. Even customizations such as fall & edging, blouse making – these services are provided by the sellers at a minimum cost.

If you live in India, then surely you have lots of options to buy a saree – both offline and online. Kolkata – The City of Joy is known for its heritage culture and also for the shopping of sarees. The best and most famous brands are available in Kolkata. So, if you do visit Kolkata, take an opportunity to visit the famous brands and enjoy the varieties.



Hope this little article will provide some information about saree or sari to you.


The article written by me is out of my personal opinion. I don’t compare any brands with others in any respect.

By Amit Banerjee

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