What Finger and Hand Does a Sapphire Wedding Ring Fit On?

Sapphire wedding ring
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Wedding rings are beautiful motifs of love and passion exchanged between the bride and the groom to officiate their marital relationship. A Sapphire wedding ring acts as a bond of mutual affection and consideration between a husband and a wife. When it comes to wedding rings, there are several options one can pick as per the wearer’s suitability and lifestyle. While some prefer plain wedding bands, others love to flaunt extravagant gemstone rings as their ultimate wedding souvenir.

Gone are the days when diamonds used to be the first choice of young couples for their wedding or engagement rings. The last few decades have seen a surge in the popularity of colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites, morganites, etc. More and more people are switching to colored gemstone rings to include their birthstones or simply to admire their favorite hues.

A Word about Sapphires

Sapphires have been one of the most sought-after colored gemstones in the exquisite world of natural gemstones. They have existed for centuries as emblems of royalty and wealth among the emperors and noblemen around the world. Royals adorned sapphires in rings and necklaces and even got these majestic gemstones embellished on the royal attires. Though centuries have passed and no dictators rule the world, the fascination for sapphires hasn’t faded. People still covet sapphires as precious gemstones reflecting breathtaking hues and lustrous texture.

Sapphires: A Plethora of Hues

What makes sapphires stand out in the huge crowd of natural gemstones is the exquisite range of hues these exotic gemstones offer. From classic royal blue shades to pretty pink, sunny yellow to lush green, and hazy purple to salmon orangish pink, natural sapphires are formed in a wide color palette. As such, you can always find a sapphire in your favorite color, even in black as well as white hues. What’s more to the sapphire game is that complementary hues can be mixed and matched together to create a multi-colored sapphire motif.

white sapphire wedding ring

In Which Finger Should You Wear Sapphire Wedding Rings?

If you have chosen a sapphire ring to officiate the auspicious occasion of your wedding then you should probably wear your sapphire wedding ring on the ring or fourth finger of your left hand. This is because wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand only since it is believed that the veins of this finger reach the person’s heart.

Although there is no harm in wearing your wedding ring on any other finger of either hand, most couples, especially in Western cultures, wear their wedding rings on the ring finger of their left hand while, in several other countries, couples prefer to wear their wedding ring on their right hand rather than their left.

What Should be the Design of the Sapphire Wedding Ring?

Sapphires score 9 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale; so it’s a fantastic idea to have a sapphire set in an engagement or wedding ring. However, when it comes to ring design, there is nothing like an ideal design for a sapphire ring; it’s all up to your taste and personal style. Multiple options are available in the market, from simple solitaires to intricately designed antique sapphire rings.


You can either pick the standard blue color or go with unconventional green or yellow shades; purple, pink, and padparadscha sapphires are also popular choices among youth. Talking about gemstone shapes, everything from classic round to oval, pear, and emerald-cut looks gorgeous. For a vintage touch, sapphire wedding rings can be set in yellow or rose gold while platinum or white gold make bold and contemporary choices.

pink sapphire wedding ring with a diamond halo and pave shank on her ring finger

When to Wear a Sapphire Ring?

Although you don’t need a specific reason to adorn your fingers with sapphire rings, those who are born in September can find natural attraction in this enchanting gemstone and can be influenced by its spiritual energies since sapphires are the official birthstones of September. Alternatively, a sapphire diamond ring makes an ideal engagement or wedding ring option if you are into colorful precious gemstones.

Couples celebrating their 5th or 45th wedding anniversary can also opt for sapphire jewelry as a memento of their unconditional love for their life partner. Apart from this, you are free to adorn a sapphire ring as and when you like. Whether you are attending a formal office meeting or an informal gathering with family or friends, you can always find a colorful sapphire to complement your outfit.

Catching Up

Since you are free to wear your sapphire ring in whatever way you like, nothing should stop you from making your ultimate sapphire ring purchase. Include a sapphire birthstone in your wedding or engagement ring and reap its benefits for life or else gift a sapphire anniversary ring to your wife as a memorable 5th or 45th wedding anniversary treat.

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