What do I keep in my College Bag?

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Hey everyone! Hope you all are fine. I’m a High School student. As we know we need some accessories other than books in our college bag. I keep the most satisfying things in my college bag and going to tell you all about them. Hope you will like them as I do.

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I use a bag from my Canvas Combo. It is considered to be the coolest bag in my country. I also kept a pouch in my bag so that I can keep small things in it, otherwise, things will be lost in the bag and will not meet when you need them. So it’s a smart thing to keep them in a pouch. I feel in it these things;

college bag essentials

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  • Wallet having cash:

I always keep my wallet in my bag. It is essential for saving my cash on it. Keeping cash is always a good idea because money is needed for expected and unexpected situations.

college bag essentials cash

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  • Mints or Gums in my college bag:

Using these things makes you cooler. It makes your personality more attractive. So I keep some bubble gums and mints in my bag.

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  • Hand sanitisers:

Sanitisers for cleaning your hands are needed. The need for sanitiser can develop at any second, especially before eating something in the classroom or the cafeteria.

college bag essentials hand sanitizer
  • Pocket Hairbrush:

A hairbrush is something I need the most while I’m in my college. Whenever I feel like I have to brush my hair I make use of my hairbrush. I keep a pocket hairbrush. It has a mirror attached to it so it dually benefits me.

college bag essentials hairbrush

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  • Lotion or Moisturizer in my college bag:

For avoiding your skin from drying you should keep lotion or any other moisturizer in your bag. I keep a mini Vaseline Coca Glow lotion in my bag. Its smell is incredible. It`s a new flavour of this lotion.

college bag essentials moisutizer


  • Sanitary Napkins/Tampons:

It’s the most essential thing that a girl must keep in her bag for emergencies. Whenever I feel like I’m going to be dependent upon them I keep my napkins/tampons in my bag to avoid any unnecessary problems.

college bag essentials tampons

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  • My Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm:

I keep a very gorgeous lip Balm in my bag. It’s a strawberry flavour lip balm. You guys will love it. Whenever I use it, it feels like I’m having a strawberry on my lips.

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college bag essentials lip balm

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  • Charger and Power Bank in a college bag essential:

Sometimes when I forget to charge my phone I keep my charger in my bag so that I can charge my phone in class. I also keep my Power Bank always in my bag. It’s more convenient to charge my phone with it than with a charger. So I keep both in my bag and use them according to need.

college bag essentials phone charger

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  • Safety Pins:

It’s also a part of my bag accessories. I keep them in my bag so I can you them when needed. Although there is less use for them in my life. But sometimes I wear a scarf so they find a place to fulfil my need.

college bag essentials safety pins

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  • Headphones or Air pods:

I love listening to music. Especially when I’m travelling. So I always keep my air pods with me. When I’m getting bored in my free period I listen to music. Also when I’m travelling to college I listen to music on my college bus.

college bag essentials earphones

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  • Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is a need of every person for avoiding skin problems. Especially during college times. My class times are between 8 am to 1 pm. I have to travel in sunlight peeking hours. So I keep sunscreen in my bag for keeping safe my skin from the sun.

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college bag essentials sunscreen

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  • Deodorant:

To avoid the smell of precipitate deodorant is used. I keep it in my bag. Whenever I feel I’m going to do work that will result in precipitation I apply it to avoid the smell.

college bag essentials deodorant

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  • Mini Perfumes are also a must for your college bag:

Mini perfumes are the very nice thing I ever put in my bag. Many beautiful and cute perfumes are produced by companies. Buy one or two and put them in your bags as I do.

college bag essentials perfume

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  • Hairpins and Hair Ties are a must for your college bag:

If you can’t keep your hair open for a long time keep hair ties and hair pins in your bags. Tie your hair with these accessories. I love using hair scrunchies.

college bag essentials scrunchies

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college bag essentials hair ties

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By Rabia Syeda

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