What Are These Trends?

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Trends are always. Sometimes I have to say stay some known as long as others, but there are some strange that shouldn’t even have become trends because they are just outrageous. So here I bring you some of the weirdest and in-your-face Trends that will make you say- What are the trends!!!!


What are the trends: Gucci distressed tights

Gucci out here really selling these distressed stockings for hundreds of dollars, when I can just buy a regular type from Walmart and after a good use they became a trend and be worth hundreds of dollars. 

Trends 2. Who wants fried Chicken on their feet?


What are the trends: KFC X Crocs

Ok, I get it that you love fried chicken and Crocs but do you love them as much as wearing this croc that has fried chicken on them? If not, brooo, you are not really a fan of crops or Fried Chicken bummer! Also, this a great gift idea for your friend who loves chicken,  Thank me later.

Trends 3. Good news for people with knee fetish!

What are the trends: Jeans with clear kneehole

We were finally somehow okay with ripped jeans when people come out with jeans with a clear kneehole. Really? what has fashion come to?

4. The more the merrier!

What are the trends: patch jeans

You must always hear the term the more the merrier but did you know that whenever people said this they meant it for jeans, duhh. I mean look at these beautiful wonderful fabulous jeans on jeans, who wouldn’t wanna wear these! Double jeans, double the fun.

5. Potato Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits can be really flattering if worn like jumpsuits and not potato sacks. But if you want to feel like a potato in wearing a potato sack, you go girl!

6. Zip up your butt!

Zippers in jeans have many uses, for it to help the jeans fit better and many more but have you seen a zipper on the butt of jeans. Here I present you with the most beautiful jeans with a zipper for your butt so you can poop easily without removing your jeans.

8. Jean Thong

For those of you that really love Denim and want to wear it in bed for some sexy time here, I present you with Lingerie made of jeans. These beautiful thongs and made up of Denim material. But I don’t think they will be that comfortable!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it brought a smile to your face if it did please share it with your friends to make them smile.

Blog by Priya Grover

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