What are the types of Indian jewellery?

Indian jewellery is known for its elegance, style, and creativity. There are many forms of Indian jewellry that have been in use during various eras, in various regions, by different communities on various occasions.

Types of Indian Jewellery

The types of Indian jewellery are many. There are diamond jewellery, silver jewellery, gold jewellery and pearl jewellery to name a few.

Diamonds: Diamonds have been used in India for centuries and have always been a symbol of wealth and power. The purest form of diamonds is known as “Gem” or “Colored” Diamonds and these are often found in the Karat range of 14-16 (over 10 weight).

These diamonds are highly sought after by jewelers because they can be fashioned into the most beautiful jewelry. GIA Gem Grading Service has graded some of the finest colored diamonds from around the world including Pakistan’s own famous pink diamond, the Star of Lahore which was sold at Sotheby’s Auction House in May 2014 for $35 million dollars!

Kohl Containers in Indian Jewellery

Kohl Containers is a renowned jewellery brand in India, Kohl was founded by Mr. M.N.A. Kohli in 1946 and is based out of New Delhi, India. The company has over 300 retail stores across the country and operates on a franchisee model as well. The company has evolved from being an Indian manufacturer to also being a global player with its presence in 35 countries around the world including the USA, UK, Germany, and Japan among others.

In terms of products, it offers 18 different ranges that include rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., which are all manufactured using top quality material sourced from various parts of the world such as Italy, Switzerland, and France amongst others.

It also offers some other services like repair service for jewellery items for which it has been awarded 5 stars rating by JEITA. Moreover, it offers a wide range of diamond jewellery making services such as designing and setting diamonds, etc., at its own workshops located across the Delhi NCR region or can also send people to their workshop for diamond setting services if required

Pendants in Indian Jewellery

Pendants are the most popular type of Indian jewellry and are widely used in all parts of India. Pendants are made from semi-precious stones like agate, jasper, lapis lazuli, coral, turquoise, etc. The pendant is worn on the neck or around the wrist as a part of daily wear. It can be purchased by all jewelers across India and comes in different designs with various types of precious stones.


These pendants have been worn by Indians for centuries because they bring good luck to their wearer when he or she wears them during certain occasions like marriages and festivals. The designs also vary depending upon their significance or significance attached to them by people wearing them as an ornament or decoration to look beautiful. There are many types of pendants available in the market but some common ones that you can buy include anklets, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Nose Rings

Nose rings are a popular form of jewellery in India. It is worn by both men and women for different reasons.
There are many nose ring styles available in the market, which includes: Crescent Nose Ring: This style has a crescent shape and is also known as the “Buddha” nose ring. It is believed to give energy and promote good health, especially when it is worn on the left side of the nose.

Charm Nose Ring: The design of this type of nose ring consists of three or more stones mounted on a gold-plated band with holes through which the wearer can insert their finger or thumb to adjust the size. The charm nose ring was traditionally used by Indian brides to express their love for their husbands but today it has become more fashionable among young girls too.


Bracelets are a very popular item in Indian jewellery. They come in different types and designs like anklets, bangles, bracelets, etc. This is because they are versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit. In fact, bracelets are known as the easiest form of jewelry because they can be put on just about anywhere on your wrist or neck, as well as on your ankles or arms. It’s also an easy way to add a little more sparkle to an outfit!

A good quality bracelet is one that has been made using gold or silver and may even have diamonds embedded into it, but other than that there really isn’t much difference between a cheap bracelet and a high-end one.


The word armlet is derived from the French word ‘Armee’ which means army. The term armlet, in the context of jewelry, refers to a band that holds an ornament on a lady’s wrist. This style of the bracelet was used during the medieval period. Armlets are also known as rings and are worn by men and women alike.

Armlets can be made from different materials like silver, gold, or bronze depending on the type of customer you want to target. These bands are available in various styles including plain, open, or closed types among others with varying finishes such as hammered (millefiori), twisted (tortoiseshell), or smooth (brass).


A man would wear an armlet on his right wrist whereas a woman would have one for her left wrist. The size of these bracelets differs according to their intended use ranging from small pendants to big ones that could even hold an entire ring inside it! Armlets usually have embellishments such as beads and pearls attached to them but they can also be decorated with charms and stones too.


Anklets are basically kinds of bracelets that have been made from silver or gold and are used to be worn on the wrists. Anklets were first seen in India during the period of ancient times and now they are mostly worn by women. They can also be worn by men as a necklace, but this is not common.

There are many kinds of anklets available in the market like anklet chains, anklet bangles, jewelry necklaces, etc. The most common one is just an anklet that has been made out of silver or gold and usually has some kind of pendant attached to it. You can also find anklets with stones or beads attached to them too!

Most people who wear them do so for fashion purposes because they look very attractive on their feet and show off their ankle bones when they walk! There is no doubt about it – Anklets are definitely something worth investing in! But what should you look for when buying an anklet?

The main thing you need to consider before making your purchase is its price range because if you buy something expensive then there will be chances that people won’t even notice your ankle bones unless they really want to see them! So make sure that whatever item you choose, it must fit into your budget as well as your taste!

Necklaces and chokers and neckpieces made of stones and pearls, diamonds, platinum, and gold.

Indian jewellery is all about making beautiful pieces of jewelry and giving them the finishing touches to make them look perfect. It has a history dating back to thousands of years, where people have been adorning themselves with these gorgeous ornaments made from pearls, stones, and other precious materials.

Jewelry is known as an art form in India that is passed down from generation to generation in families and continues to remain relevant even today. These lovely necklaces are usually worn by women as a sign of beauty and elegance. The most sought-after items in Indian jewelry include silver bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and necklaces. They are also available in different shapes like round designs for men’s neckpieces which can be worn on the wrists or ankle chains for women which can be worn around the neck or attached to the waist belt at times too!


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Gold jewelry is considered more valuable than other forms of jewelry as it will never lose its value.

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