What Are The Specialties Of Spinel Gemstone?


One of history’s most popular yet unknown gemstones is spinel gemstone. It is one of the most underrated gemstones in the industry. It comes from a larger spinel group of minerals. The gemstone graces us with a wide variety of colors and hues. The vibrant-colored spinels are popular among gem aficionados and collectors. Spinel is adored not only because of its range of stunning colors but also for its historical prominence and excellent value.

What does spinel mean?

The word spinel comes from the Latin Spinella, which means ‘spine’ in reference to its pointed crystals.

Spinels’ dazzling red color has long been mistaken for ruby by monarchs and emperors. In fact, many famous “rubies” were actually spinels. You can substitute rubies with spinels because of their color similarities and the economical price of the latter.

Let’s explore some facts about spinel gemstones! Here are some facts About Spinel Gemstone

Imperial Crown Of England

Black Prince’s Ruby is one of the most famous 170-carat gemstones which sits royally in the center of the Imperial State Crown of England. Guess what? It is not a ruby but a red spinel. Earlier, all red gemstones were referred to as rubies. Spinels were chemically differentiated from rubies in 1783. The rare 170 ct spinel is known to be the biggest uncut spinel in the world.

Spinel Gemstone crown


Birthstone And Anniversary Gift

Spinel was recently added to the official list of monthly birthstones. In 2016, it was named the birthstone of August alongside peridot and sardonyx. Spinel is also used to commemorate the 22nd wedding anniversary.

Spinel Gemstone rings

If it’s your 22nd wedding anniversary, you now know what to gift her! Buy spinel gemstone jewelry for your significant other and bring a smile to her face. Moreover, if her b’day falls in August, then spinel will bring in good luck for her.


Spinel mines can be found worldwide in various locations. Countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Brazil, Cambodia, Russia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc. are the major spinel gemstone mining locations. Burmese spinels are of premium quality.

Spinel Gemstone map

When you consider buying a spinel gemstone, do inquire about its origin to ascertain its quality.

Toughness And Durability

Mohs scale of hardness is the scale that measures the hardness and durability of a gemstone. Spinel ranks 8 out of 10 on the scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones in the world. The hardness and durability of the gemstone make it an attractive choice for those looking for radiant red spinel jewelry.

Buy spinel gemstone and be the talk of the town. You can pair your spinel jewelry with any outfit and then you’re all set to go!

Most Popular Spinels

There are some of the most famous ‘ruby’ crowns that were later recognized to be spinels. Below mentioned are a few well-known glittering headdresses that you should know about.

The Hope Spinel – The 50.13 ct spinel comes from the world’s greatest gemstone collections owned by Henry Philip Hope. Termed an exceptional treasure of nature, The Hope Spinel came from the famous Kuh-i-Lal mine in Tajikistan.

Spinel Gemstone

Catherine The Great Spinel – The 398.72 ct spinel gloriously set in the Russian Imperial crown was acquired by a Russian envoy heading towards China in 1676 for conducting trade negotiations with the emperor.

Spinel Gemstone crown 2

Austrian Imperial Crown – In 1602, a crown was made for the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf 2, resembling the hat of a Christian bishop. This crown had a glorious spinel as the center stone. Because of the glamorous gemstone, the crown became the official imperial crown of the Austrian Empire.

Spinel Gemstone crown 3

Even though spinel is not as popular as ruby, it is now getting its well-deserved recognition in the modern age. Brides-to-be have started to invest in spinel engagement rings as a substitute for ruby engagement rings. Spinel is a rare gemstone, but the relatively high demand for other gemstones has allowed jewelers to offer spinel at an economical price point. Buy spinel gemstones to add more sparkles to your gemstone collection!

By Mariya Smith

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