What are the soap alternatives If you can’t use soap on your face?

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There are a few soap alternatives:

1. Face wash:

soap alternatives

Your face is as soft as a baby butt. But your body isn’t soft as your face. So soap doesn’t match well with your face condition. , It requires special care. So it’s not an expense if you invest a few funds to secure your face from getting pimples. Here are some soap alternatives for your facial care.

Myth: Frequently use soap, if you have pimples and acne

Fact: (Soap is a substance of chemicals and oils. A soap can never save your face from acne but prevents excessive facial oil. A face wash can be trusted, they’re chemicals too, but it can’t harm your face like a soap)

2. Multanimetti (Face clay)

face clay soap alternatives

On the southwest side of India, face clay is never a scarce product. It emits a similar smell when the raindrops hit the ground. It helps your face reduce excess oil. And regular usage can prevent your skin from acne and allergies.

But be aware, don’t keep the clay on your face, exceeding 20 minutes, you have chances to catch a cold. During this pandemic, a single sneeze triggers anxiety. Anyone having dry skin must avoid regular use of face clay. It promotes wrinkles and urges rough skin for anyone having a dry tone.

3. Rice water:

rice water soap alternatives

In my previous blog, I articulated the fact that you can’t store rice water for a longer span if you have a nose. Yeah, exactly when it passes three days, you can sense a foul smell. It doesn’t imply the water got diseased or contaminated. You can store the rice water for at least 3 to 4 days.

Fact: You can pinch the lemon and spray it on the rice water. It will comprehend to reduce the odor.

Soap = “Rub till you glow.”

It is often a misconception, that if we rub soap so well on our face we will have higher chances to get a white tone. I still remember a movie “Shivaji”, where this happened:

His crush: I only love fair guys

Rajini: (is black, but still emptied 80 to 200+ fair and lovely tubes. Hoping the more he adds rubs the cream, it turns him white)

I don’t wanna laugh, but I kinda believed in it when I was a kid.

By Fredrick Fabian

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